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November 7, 2007


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so my earlier post was prophetic.

sort of

t mobile was in fact charging me roaming fees for my internet connection. to the sum of 1.5 euros per 10 minutes.  which works out to 9 euros and hour.

i called them and my bill was at 4200 dollars.

i bitched.

like a mo-fo i bitched. when i got to a manager, she argued that i had in fact seen the charge listings when i signed up online.

i signed up on the phone. and was explicit that the only price was 40 bucks. per month.

they haven’t tried to bill me yet. if they do, i am a disputing mo-fo.

of course, i can probably never have anything t mobile ever again.

this is the reason for my slow postings. i’m sitting in hohenfels bowling alley. i have to use this internet connection til i go home.

i’ll post some more though.

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