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October 21, 2007

Spam Spam Spam

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so i get tons o spam as i’m sure most of you do too. but i just had to laugh at the order today.

first i got an email which claimed to be able to make john henry bigger.

then i had an email that claime to be able to make john henry …. harder longer.

then i got an email from jenny, included below


how areyou today ,
ur so hansome wow your are great man ,
well am in admiration of you ,i saw your profile through the internet
directry as i was searching for a reliable,trustworthy and confidential
soulmate who can be of aide/asistance to me.
i hope my medium of contar
ct to you will not in anyway contravane your ethics of better judgement
.let me first introduce myself and identity .well iam an orphan,
my parent
s are dead ,my name is jennifer kamara the only dauther of late former
director of finance chief vicent kamara of sierra-leone diamond
and mining corporation west africa, i mean iam from sierra-leone in
west africa,you now my father is a black man while my mother is from
portugal ,but they are dead ,
my mother daid on a brief illness whille
my father daid on a hearth attarck,
so i would like to now you more
better than this ,you can contarct me through this email adress,u can send ur yahoo adddres so that we can chat and know each other verywell,
i await your prompt responce,a lot of my
kiss and huges,love from jenny

now, usually all of my mail order bride emails are from russian girls. and i have no probs with the email. but just the order this came in made me laugh. someone out there, wants to make john henry bigger, make him harder, and oh! here’s a girl!

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  1. Dave,

    This sounds like kismet, mabey you should suspend disbelief and just go for it! After all, what do you have to lose, just house life, job… Just take the meds (hope you don’t die) and marry the girl.

    Crusty sends from Maryland…

    Comment by Crusty — October 28, 2007 @ 6:57 pm

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