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September 23, 2007


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i saw the colbert report the other day and he had naomi wolf on.

never really heard of her. nice looking girl.

she was on the colbert report to advance her book detailing how the right is trying to seize control in america and end the us democracy. basically asserting that the right is trying to set up a fascist state in the us.

let’s take a look at her claims.

then i’ll observe a little history for you.

she outlines a blueprint for a fascst takeover of the us. she says there are 10 steps that fascists always take in order to seize power. on the colbert report, she blatantly named bush, and the bush administration as following these steps.

1 Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2 Create a gulag

3 Develop a thug caste

4 Set up an internal surveillance system

5 Harass citizens’ groups

6 Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7 Target key individuals

8 Control the press

9 Dissent equals treason

10 Suspend the rule of law

i took these ten steps from her author site on the huffington post. she also elucidates on these points to various degrees of success. most of them though, her arguments are just bullshit.

let’s take a look at these one by one.

1. invoking an internal or external entity. is this to say then that any government that ‘invokes’ an internal or external enemy is trying to setup a tyranny? let’s be more realistic. invoking an internal or an external threat. isn’y tha just a nice way of saying all threats? i mean, what other kinds of threats are there? verbal? alien? any government that ‘inokes’ a threat is on the road to tyranny?

2. creating a gulag. this requires a lot of imagination and sleight of hand on the part of the left. of course they name front and center gtmo as a linchpin piece of evidence for an american gulag. but the gulag has to be tortuous. and muderous. millions of people died there. annually. how many have died in gtmo? you can count them on one hand. what was the maximum population ever at gtmo? nothing even resembling that of the gulag. and torture? nope, not happening in gtmo. they hang out playing soccer and ping pong all day. eating good. but she of course goes on to cite the secret prisons that the cia has as further evidence of the american gulag. there are no secret prisons. this step, if her formula is correct, and i don’t believe it is, has not been achieved. it has not even been attempted.

3. develop a thug caste. she cites the blackshirts of fascist italy, and the brownshirts of the nazis as the benchmark for a thug caste. she claims tha the republicans in broward county wearing button down shirts are the american equivalent. no, she’s not joking. but it is a joke.

4. set up a surveillance system in the us. yeah. a secret police to monitor our activities. the only thing she says here is that two guys, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, wrote an nyt column about it. now i understand that most liberals are under the impression that as soon as their opinion is published in print that it must be true. but i have news for them. NOPE, this is the classic case of “i’ve made an outlandish claim. i have no proof, but you have no proof to the contrary, so i must be right. believe unwashed stupid middle america, my paranoia is valid”. i can’t believe she didn’t invoke the patriot act.

5. harass citizens groups. is she joking? she only cites ACLU as a source that anti war groups have been infiltrated. the fbi has been infiltrating citizens groups since before fdr. how is this the activity of bush? and yes. she is specficially making the case that bush is trying to end the us democracy.

6. engage in arbitraty arrest and release. her biggest whine here is the no-fly list. fuck off. i get searched every time i fly. and believe, i am most likely on the jack booted thug list. it is not arbitrary. it is targeted. i’m single, traveling with no luggage. primo prospect for a baddie on a plane. the asstards she whines about met profiles as well. gasp! i said profile?! yeah. that is not arbitrary, and it is not an arrest.

7. target key individuals. this is the basic fundamental modus operandi for every single free country in the world. offcier smith, we have suspected gang/mob/terrorist activity at this address. let’s go follow billy, the boy sitting out front on his boke. he doesn’t look like he’s important. what a retard this girl is. is she going to complain next that the police have ‘gasp’ arrested people who commit crime?

8. control the press. she just blatantly says that they will never do this. heh. single best proof that she herself is wrong. because believe me, when i am lord emperor of the united states, i WILL control the press. there’s no secret on how to do it. the fact that the press is still so far beyond control is conclusive evidence thqat her claims hold no credence.

9. dissent equals treason. two things. first, her big whine here is that the president’s powers over the national guards have been broadened to allow him to send one state national guard to another state. i don’t really like this either. i’d like it repealed. i’m kind of a state’s rights kind of person myself. but this doesn’t mean that dissent equals treason, or that bush is making that play. i’ve not seen anyone charged with treason recently, who even ACTUALLY commited treason. let alone someone not. second point. she again makes a blatant claim. like her belief that our press could never be controled, just because. she says that there could never be roundups in the us because our democratic ways are just too reslient. huh? if our democratic ways are too resilient? what the hell is she complaing about at all? we could never have our democracy taken from us? we’re just too resilient? retard. but it goes to a larger gripe. this happened in germany. this happened in italy. americans are not supermen. we are just people too ms wolf. in fact, italian blood is a huge ethnic group in the us. and in fact, german american is the single largest ethnic group in the us period. so how can she beleive it could never happen here?

10. suspend the rule of law. this is what happens in an emergency. but this is her only seemingly legitimate gripe. powers have been broadened by the government in our time of emergency. but she herself says that this is a danger just as much from a president hillary, as from a president giuliani. so how is this a consrvative conspiracy?

now. for some of my thoughts.

her formula look spretty good. except for on major flaw.

what is the first thing any tyrant HAS to do in order to be able to rule? the experts agree. all of the fasciss she cite did this if it had not previously been done.

they take your guns.

can you tyranize 100 million people with guns?

how convenient for her to leave off a basic fundamental despotic tactic that points elsewhere? i might do this on one of my posts, because well, i’m just talking shit here.

but for an accredited journalist and novelist? tsk tsk ms wolf.

let me look at your points. not to discredit your list, because it really looks pretty good, but to discredit your claims the bush administration is doing this.

1. noting a very real threat and preparing, or actively defending against it is the responsibility of democratic governments. the fact that the busg admin is actively defending the us, is not proof that they are trying to setup a fascist state in america.

2. laughable. there are no secret prisons. the eyewitness claims of this were made by known terrorists or terrorist sympathizers who have a vested interest in their claim, and were actually trained to make these claims by the enemy. not to mention that they now get aid for their stories. put it simply. would you like to pay me? for a large enough sum, i could spin some fucking A bad ass stories for you! gtmo is a joke as a torture center. but like stalin says, y’all keep beating that dead horse, just hoping eventually, people will believe it.

3. please. i am friends with one of the people who was actually there beating on the door. i’m not publishing his name. button down and khaki slacks are hardly the making of intimidation equaling the browshirts. i’m going to talk about them shortly.

4. an internal surveillance system. no mention of the patriot act? wow. a secret surveillance system? yeah. it’s like your claim for secret prisons. prove it isn’t true! you can’t prove a negative. so now, you’ll run around saying see! there is a secret surveillance system! what a retard. how about this. if there was a secret surveillance system, i’d be involved. and i am NOT. therefore there is no secret surveillance system.

5.  harass citizens groups. do you mean like the effort by the fed govt to make my college fraternity disclose it’s secrets? like what we work for/towards? infiltrating groups has been going in since before there was an fbi. and it will, and should continue. just because YOU happen to be involved in groups that the govt deems shady, doesn’t mean the govt is moving to tyrrany. maybe it just means that you are unwittingly aiding and abetting the very same thing?

6. arbitrary detention and release.? huh? let’s see it.

7.  target key individuals. of course. and it should continue. and will. in all societies.

8. control the press. not happening. at least not at the direction fo the government. the biggest attempt in contemporary history to control any information in the us has in fact been made by msm, to control ‘right wing bloggers’. now, if you are really a believer in democracy, you will defend the oppostion’s right to be free. watch. i’ll show you how it’s done., code pink, the democrats, all of them should be allowed to exist and run their websites. see? come on. come on out and defend hotair and michelle malkin.

9. dissent equals treason. we’re not doing it. funny how jack booted liberal protestors have taken to attacking anyone who dissents with them. amybe you should take a long look at your own party.

10.  suspend rule of law. this is your one and only semi valid point. and no. not gtmo. they have no lawyers because they aren’t in the us. i’m talking about jose padilla. though i think he’s and asstard and should be in jail. or just fla out released outside of bagram gate. heh. arrested in the us, you get a lawyer and de process. only thing.

and if dubya has only done one thing. made one mistake. he’s doing pretty damn well.

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  1. 1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

    All conservatives are evil. Their Republican party is merely a front for modern Nazis.

    2. Create a gulag

    College campuses today are where the brainwashing takes place. The forces of Political Correctness dictate that dissent is punished through forced re-education.

    3. Develop a thug caste

    The Leftist protestors and their supporters, who pop up every time there is a WTO meeting or something, rush to the streets, destroy property, and attack authority symbols such as the police.

    4. Set up an internal surveillance system

    Leftist activists are routinely intercepting cellular telephone calls involving their conservative opponents, or otherwise digging up dirt with which to disparage their political opponents. Witness the workings of the gay Leftists who “out” politicians or political employees simply because they do not adhere to the Leftist “conventional wisdom.” Billary used the FBI to surveille their political opponents and even illegally used confidential medical records to discredit a Secret Service agent who was on a short list of people to testify against them (but hey, he was good enough to take a bullet for them).

    5. Harass citizens’ groups

    Let’s see: the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, “Christians” but particularly those filthy Baptists. All groups targeted for pillory and legal action to deny them their access to public places and even their right to exist, and silence their voices and messages as though crimes.

    6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

    If you protest against gay pride parades, or against the narcissistic Liberal message being taught in the public schools systems, then you will be taken away in handcuffs. Your right to protest does not equal the value of the reindoctrination of society to conform with enlightened Liberal views.

    7. Target key individuals

    The above-mentioned “closeted” conservatives, the conservative employees who expose patently illegal political wranglings of the Left (while at the same time extolling the virtue of liberal employees who leak sensitive information that damages causes espoused by any conservative), the workaday bureaucrats who dispute prevailing Liberal interpretations of fact. Republican Presidents are routinely derided as “stupid” and “foolish.”

    8. Control the press

    The uniformity of the MSM and the united front efforts to discredit outlets such as Fox and conservative bloggers.

    9. Dissent equals treason

    A young Democratic Congressman of the Kennedy nobility has stated that disbelievers in man-made global-climate-calamity are guilty of treason and deserving of trial for committing crimes against humanity.

    10. Suspend the rule of law

    The rule of law is only useful when aimed against the conservatives. If the vote tally does not go your way, continue counting behind closed doors with no outside neutral observers until, magically, the vote goes your way. If there is super-sensitive information that can be used to paint the conservatives in a bad light, illegally release it to the press (Risen’s sources). Unless of course, the person releasing the information is a conservative, then that person must be prosecuted under the full weight of the law (Scooter).

    So there you have it, Mlah. I have demonstrated how the Leftists are turning America into a fascist state, using the rules set out by Ms Wolf.

    Comment by yup — September 23, 2007 @ 11:19 am

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