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September 20, 2007


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a recent observation i made

last year oklahoma played oregon at oregon in college football.

oklahoma was ahead, oregon scored to within striking distance late in the game.

the ensuing onsides kick was a disaster. i have yet to actually see a decent clip. i’ve looked on youtune and seen some grainy copies, but nothing distinct.

as a result of the onside kick. oregon got the ball and went down to score the winning touchdown.

oklahoma was pissed, and by all accounts righteously so. allegedly, the ball went about 8 and a half yards, not the required 10, before it was touched by oregon. that should have resulted in a penalty, and an oklahoma 1st down on the spot. or a rekick, at ou’s decision.

and to make matters even worse, the grainy copy i did see showed clearly how nobody even had possession of the ball until it squirted out the back of a pile, and was picked up by an oklahoma player.

the play went to review. the referee in the booth blew the call and ruled that there was ‘conclusive evidence that an ou player touched the ball prior to it traveling 10 yards’, which made the ball live, and possession was awarded to oregon. but, an ou player had recovered the ball!after the game, there was a ruckus. and i’m not talking about me going to a stripper bar and getting in a fight over kandi. coach stoops made some public statements about the officiating and then the governor of oklahoma even condemned the outcome of the call. later there were death threats against the officials of the game. specifically the booth ref.

he took a year long leave of absense.

then oklahoma cited the fact that the pac10 has odd rules regarding out of conference teams.

apparently there is a standard deal for teams who cross conferences when they play sports.

1. each team visits the other. ie, they play twice, each team gets an away and a home game. sometimes a little school will wave the homegame so they can play twice at the big school. it proves lucrative for them. so someone like utep will elect to play twice at u of texas.

2. each team gives the other 10000 tickets on the away game. so they get some fans. this is how those lttle schools get paid for playing juggernauts.
3. each team brings their refs when they visit.

the third deal is the kicker. if oklahoma visits ohio state, they bring big12 officials with them. then when ohio state comes to oklahoma the following year, they would bring big10 officals with them to norman, oklahoma.

this is not how the pac10 does business. their supposition is that pac10 officals are fine always. so any team who goes to play usc, ucla, or … oregon, gets pac10 officials. and then, when they pac10 goes for their away game, they bring pac10 officials with them.

bogus huh?

in fairness, this isn’t a deal made by oregon, or washington, or any other pac10 school. it is a pac10 rule.

now. there’s some history. and here’s the thing i noticed.

washington got removed from oklahoma’s schedule this year.

oklahoma was scheduled to play washington this year, IN washington. they talked about canceling the game. which was NOT fair to washington. they went to oklahoma first and had done their half of a deal. ou not going to washington to play was low.

but then i noticed that schedules got changed.

significantly so.

ou played miami instead of washington. washington got ohio state.

and the thing is. NOBODY is talking about this. sports center? not a peep. websites? nothing.

i’m wondering if the ncaa stepped in to clear up the pending mess that resulted from the ou/oregon game.

hopefully, the’ll standardize the rules across the board so no specific conference always gets their own refs.

and yeah, they could allow the ref in the booth to make a call. after the event, the ref in the booth said he is charged with answering specific questions only. not with telling the ref on the field what needs to be done. the ref in the booth was asked if it was touched. he was never asked who recoevered the football. and the worst? he said he KNEW ou had recovered it easy. he was just not allowed to say so.

anyone else notice anything about this years football schedules?


  1. I noticed that Notre Dame stinks……And I like it!

    Comment by Aaron — September 20, 2007 @ 6:15 pm

  2. 0-4 and i love it too. foxsports ran an article about the possibility they could go winless.

    come on NAVY! break that some odd 40 game losing streak! if ever navy has a shot at beating nd. it’s this year.

    Comment by mlah — September 23, 2007 @ 8:12 am

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