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September 10, 2007

Soccer Hooligans

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so, i bought some spaghettios to eat while i’m here. i figured i’ve got a microwave….. but i don’t have a can opener. heh.

so i rolled down to ‘yours’ sports bar on saturday night. it’s kind of a what do you need sports bar. they advertise as an ‘english pub’ or ‘irish pub’ or ‘american sports bar’ as their patrons want. being in deutschland with some amis local, they have opted with the american sports bar.

nice place. hot german girl waitresses. sports bar food. burgers and a little german tilt. ie, expect to get tartar sauce with your french fries. they have ketchup on the table too.

so i rolled down to the bar because they have afn. and i had asked ahead of time if they would show american college football games. and the answer was yes. this last saturday i knew oklahoma was playing miami and i knew i had a really good chance of getting to see it.

and i was right.

so i walk in and the main huge screens have some crap rugby game on. not that i dislike rugby, but i mean, college football was on! and all of the little screens were either showing oklahoma, or some soccer game.

i sidled up to the bar and ordered a pils, got situated.

then i heard them.

‘get the feet in there!’ ‘take him down!’ ‘let’s go england!’

and i was thinking, o shit. real life soccer hooligans! just like ‘eurotrip’.

i turned around and about a tenth of the bar was full of english dudes, all in white with the england flag. the white one with the red cross on it, not the union jack. and they’re all watching tv.

i smiled and resumed watching ou play miami.

but they kept yelling. and yelling. got kind of boring. i noticed the game was england vs israel. england was winning 2-0 when i got there and the final was eventually 3-0.

but i noticed the ‘yelling’ didn’t coincide to anything on the soccer game. yells of yeay! or crap! would happen at a time stop in the soccer game.

so i started looking around.

man. they weren’t soccer hooligans.

they were rugby hooligans.

the crap rugby game was england too!

those guys must have been in heaven. english ruby, english soccer, at the same time.

and most importantly, oklahoma beating the crap out of miami too, but i think the glory of a sooner win was lost on them.

so the rugby game?

england vs usa.

i didn’t even know we had a team?!

we lost 28-10. second time i’ve ever watched a rugby game. or most of one. i don’t understand all of the rules yet. but i’m learning. all of us americans (amis) were sitting around the bar laughing, we have a team?

oklahoma? they won 51-13. germans were shocked i wasn’t entirely pleased. ou didn’t score 70, and miami scored. so it wasn’t as nice as it could have been.


  1. -you can open a can with a large steak knife. I did it tons my hurricane summer.
    -i didn’t know we had a team either.
    -I stopped watching Miami when they stopped being amazingly undefeated, which I’m pretty sure was a few years ago.

    that was really like a whole 10 minute wait for the next installment. thoroughly enjoyed. glad i refreshed.

    I should mention that I really appreciate your use of good grammar & punctuation. No dudes do that online.

    Comment by Callie — September 10, 2007 @ 9:04 am

  2. Don’t let Jeanna hear you ripping on rugby, she’ll tackle your ass.

    Comment by medium john — September 11, 2007 @ 12:42 pm

  3. English soccer hooligans are an embarresment but please don’t tarnish Rugby fans with the same brush, they are much better behaved.

    Comment by JT — February 28, 2008 @ 8:11 am

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