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September 23, 2007


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while returning from munchen, for oktoberfest, i heard this lovely tidbit


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i saw the colbert report the other day and he had naomi wolf on.


September 20, 2007


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a recent observation i made


September 17, 2007


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Asstard unemployed war protesters

iraq is not a quagmire.


September 15, 2007

Cleaning House

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all. i’ve been visiting all of the links on my sidebar slowly but surely. trying to verify whether or not the still exist. it’s been a while ya know?

so check out what is at aaron’s rantblog now. the change was apparently made about the time i went over to the sandbox.

see it here.

also, this is really funny. kind of my view and opinion of liberals in general.

Serkan Yilmaz

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Serkan Yilmaz

been a long time since i’ve posted anything about tkd. i haven’t been practicing due to my long deployments. i feel it too. i really miss my classes, both mentally and physically. it’s so difficult for me to make myself go workout by myself. i really rely on my classmates, and class itself to make me workout.

A Night Out

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so we went out drinking last night in wiesbaden.


September 14, 2007


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i’m going to write a little list down here of some standard pat lies the democrats like to keep throwing into the news.

they are under the impression that stalin was right. if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true.

i want to brand some of these lies for what they are.


September 13, 2007


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In every circle, and truly, at every table, there are people who lead armies into Macedonia; who know where the camp ought to be placed; what posts ought to be occupied by troops; when and through what pass that territory should be entered; where magazines should be formed; how provisions should be conveyed by land and sea; and when it is proper to engage the enemy, when to lie quiet and they not only determine what is best to be done, but if any thing is done in any other manner than what they have pointed out, they arraign the consul, as if he were on trial before them.


September 12, 2007


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clothes make the person. naked people have little or no influence on society.

teresa watson

Nuclear War in Iraq

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yeah, i did a little light reading and got my political groove back.


The Updated mlah Top 10 List

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yeah, i promised to post some pics. this took a while as i reconstituted my ability to post pics. it’s been 6 long months since i posted and graphics.

amazing huh?

this is not safe for work! NSFW


September 10, 2007

Soccer Hooligans

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so, i bought some spaghettios to eat while i’m here. i figured i’ve got a microwave….. but i don’t have a can opener. heh.


September 4, 2007

FHM Hottest 100 Women

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so it’s been forever since i posted pics. or updated my list of 10. so i’m going to catch up first by critiquing FHMs list of 100 sexiest women.

there number one? jessica alba!


September 1, 2007

Meet the Family

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i was just browsing the internet and found this about my great uncle and namesake

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