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August 8, 2007


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not what y’all probably think.

my house has been largely empty for a year.

fireants decided they would take up residence.

my downstairs bathroom has long had a problem with intruders. evidently they found a way in parallel to the sewage plumbing. they would make appearances from time to time in my bathroom and cruise the floor.

it’s annoying. i’ve re-caulked the base of my toilet many time. and thick. the ants just eat a way through.

but last winter (2 winters ago), i sprayed bug killer in their latest entry hole, and then recaulked again. they were gone. the ensuing spring, i didn’t have the problem.

i got home on monday and the house smelled new. everything was apparently as i left it.

yesterday i went into my side bedroom upstairs, which is where my pc is. i have several rubbermaid bins in there holding various things.

when i looked behind one of them i was a little shocked.

this bedroom is pretty much above the downstairs bathroom.

fireants had relocated to this room. they had in fact had soooo much time, they had actually carried in the material they needed to build a ‘mound’. in fact, they built 2.

the first is about 7 inches high. mainbly made of sandy loam/dirt. the other is about 4 inches high.

ants had taken over the bedroom.

but i didn’t see them. except for the mounds, and a few carcasses.

nature played its role. where there is prey, predators will come.

i try not to kill my spiders. only if they get too big, or i notice they are of the poisonous variety.

spiders found my ants. and they set up shop just under the window sill. above the mounds.

there are no more ants.

and when the food disappeared. so did the spiders. most of them.

i stood there looking at this mess today thinking about the carnage. ant after ant goes missing. little ant census takers noting another missing person report.

soldier ants foraying out and never coming back either.

little ant children being told about the dangers of the great outside.

and then each meeting their doom in the carpet of spiderweb.

and the spiders! high fiving each other at their skill at baiting the stupid little ant-children.

“really dude, i just hung there and it walked right into my web! then it squirmed and squirmed as i wound it in net, i left it for three days before i ate him. he was sooo juicy!”

but it was all gone when i got there. the cycle had taken full run.

i got my vacuum and began disposing of the mounds. and the webs.

hey! that one’s moving! i had a spider about a quarter inch in diameter (the body). brown. something on its back. oh yeah. he went in the tube.

it’s all gone now.

should have taken a picture.


  1. Cool!

    When we lived in Hawaii, our condo had just been built on what the year before had been a cane field. Our second bathroom didn’t get used a lot, it was for company mostly. When Mrs Yup’s cousin was coming to visit, we were cleaning up the spare bedroom and bathroom; turns out a colony of sugar ants had set up residence in the bath faucet. Water got turned on and whoosh, out came a huge ball of ants and their larva. I sometimes wonder what would have happened had we not cleaned it out ahead of time: cousin gets in the shower, turns on the water, and instantly gets covered with ants. Heh.

    Comment by yup — August 10, 2007 @ 12:34 am

  2. Ew. I hate bugs.

    Comment by medium john — August 11, 2007 @ 11:27 am

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