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August 4, 2007

D-Day + 2

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Two days out.


i slept hard last night. not for accomodations. i got kicked out of the air terminal around 10:30. i went to transient berthing and got a tnt to sleep in. it was worse than my b-hut in afghanistan, except that the ac worked. it smelled like vomit underneath my rack.

but i slept hard. the kind of sleep that when you finally wake up, it’s hard to unglue your eyes and keep them open.

i was rested

some damn army chick poked her head in around 0700 ad started yelling. they were looking for some guy named charles. she wouldn’t quit yelling until she got an answer from all of us that we were, or were not charles. she couldn’t wake me up from the door and was pissed that she actually had to walk over to me and yell by the side of my rack.

 i said no, i’m not charles. she tred to get some of my ass for sleeping so hard. i tld her to fuck off and get the hell out before i undressed, then i went back to sleep.

i woke up around noon.

didn’t shower. first thing, i went and checked on my passport. it was in with correct visa / immigration. i was free! went to the uso and got in line for the internet. got online and checked for hard confirmation of my flight changes to the 5th. and i got them!

after my vomit experience in the tent (o-5) and the heinous conditions i saw in the bathrooms / showers. i said fuck this place. i made reservations online to the kuwait hilton resort.


and here i sit. i missed the bus at 2, and had to wait til 5:30 for a bus from the base to the airport. i arranged in advance for a hilton car to take me from the airport to the hotel.

 right on schedule, i was picked up by a mercedes. the river handed me a bottle of ice cold water first thing. oh, it was around 120 today, give or take 5? 25 minutes south to fahaheel and the resort.


my room is stupid big! want to see a pic?


first thing. i stripped and took a shower. first real shower in months. no shower shoes. no trekking trought he dust and hoping for a private shower room which almost never happens. i just strolled the 10 feet to the bathroom.

so nice.

my luck holds so far! after showering, i went to throw some dirty socks away, and in the dim light, i saw on the floor next to the trash can, a nice little scorpion. bout 3/4 of an inch long. but i saw it! and didn’t step on it.

i went and got my camera and turned on the light and it wasn’t a scorpion but a little tiny gecko. sweet. no worries.

i ate dinner tonight in the ‘blue elephant’ restaurant. i had a waitress. and i selected the ‘royal banquet’. nice little sampler thing. tons o food, and just little bits. i’m stuffed! oh. i had a pina colada kuwaiti style for dessert. of course there was no rum. it was basically just whipped pineapple and fresh coconut milk. i’d never had coconut mil before. service was great. food was great. and a simple thing like asking for chop sticks made my waitresses like me. apparently, the locals are a bit dickish about trying to use chop sticks.

so now i’m on high speed internet for the first time in months.

time to catch up on school.


  1. That’s awesome Dave! I’ll have the pit and beer ready when you are. Was that Shiner you liked so much….hummmmm. ~ W

    Comment by aces2splash — August 4, 2007 @ 6:56 pm

  2. shiner is good. margaritas are better!

    Comment by mlah — August 4, 2007 @ 7:07 pm

  3. I hate to tell you this, Mlah, but Mrs Yup says that when you refuse to live in the style the military provides you, it’s a sure sign you are growing old. No more living like a party animal 20-something in the puke-covered field tent, slimy communal showers, and such.

    Oh, the Army chick who tried to rack you up? What, some private who was company runner for the day? WTF was she thinking to chew you out for?

    Welcome back to civilization!

    Comment by yup — August 5, 2007 @ 3:36 am

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