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July 23, 2007


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and the day is almost done!


for the first time today, i met celebrities on a uso tour. celebs soemtimes tour warzones to visit the troops. whe i was active duty and in spain, tons of uso tours passed through rota, but none of them ever stopped to see us.


kinda pissed me off.


there have been some here. toby keith came and went. and let’s face it. i’m just nto a country fan. alyssa milano was here 2 months before i got here. i’ve seen pictures.


today i got to meet four people involved with the ufc. they actually were admitted into my work building and were standing in a line signing pictures. each of them signing it, and passing it on to the next so that i got one pic with all 4 signatures on it.


i got to meet jorge rivera, heath herring, kenny florian, and amber nicole miller.


made my day.




heath herring is huge scary looking dude.

jorge rivera is a littel smaller than i am, but still scary.

kenny florian is unassuming.

and amber. what can i say? ripped up tshirt with her belly showing? yeah. she looked good.


almost single digits! woot!


and it’s flooding at home! i’ll no doubt bring the heat with me.

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  1. Mlah, keep your head down. Hydrate for the flight. Safe travels home. Tie one on once you get to your nice suburban home. You’ve earned it!

    Comment by yup — July 24, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

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