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February 27, 2007


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well, the night/day started out as usual for me. i went to work at 9pm. yeah, we had a dignitary stay overnight.


i came to work and opened the door to our little closet/office. and an f’n bird flew in behind me. it aimed straight for a coworkers face. she immediately screamed and rushed out of the room. almost knocking me over. we got the bird out and the night progressed.


i had breakfast with heidi and saw the vip. i wish i had had my camera!


i’m sure most of you have heard about the bombing by now. didn’t really affect me. i was hard at work and didn’t even hear it.


well, it did affect me. they locked down the base hard. and locked me in my little closet til 1 pm. so i got overtime.


but back to business as usual now. another night. more work.


i think this is the first time i’ve ever blogged about work.

February 25, 2007

Moving Again!

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yeah, i got moved out of the luxurious little steel trailer and back into my b(utt) hut. my coworkers were singing “in the ghetto” as i moved. most of us are over here anyway.

at least it’s not 0 degrees anymore.

yeah, i finally got my internet transferred over here. it’s amazing what a little tip does for an indian laborer.

so i’m hitting on this tall skinny girl at work. she’s around oh, 18? destined for failure i know….. but hopefully….. heh!

and now, i will trek across the nasty water to the shower trailers prior to my fine dining at the viper chow hall. i bet they have chicken!

February 16, 2007

Pop Tarts

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well, here’s another of these. i’m interested to see if i get a different level of response when these are open. it never occurred to me before that lack of comments were due to people not being logged in!

so let’s see.

oh, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


February 12, 2007


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hey, went to the bazaar again this last friday. it was raining, which is better than snowing. but they closed it early and kicked me out.

anybody like this stuff?
For Sale



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well, i’ve been logged off for a couple of days. i moved across base.

i now live in in a ‘connex’, which is little more than a tin trailer. i get half.


February 1, 2007


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oh yeah. even in da stan, wqe have a little fun.


live drunbk bloggin from da fdhous.



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