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January 11, 2007


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the coming republican primary is going to be wild.

candidates will fall into one of two categories.

centirsts and conservatives.

the candidate who gets me vote will be a conservative. unfortuneately, the candidate who wins the presidency will be the dimocrat, or republican who is closest to the center.

or at least, the candidate who SAYS they are closest to the center.

kaiser bill was so far left i couldn’t even see him, despite his huge girth. but he just claimed his positions were in the center, and he won. george dubya had the blessing of having some awfully stupid dems to run against. he actually is closer to the center than any of them.

let’s hope the dimocrats keep pushing their leftist agenda. the leftist agenda is the best platform seller the republicans have. the left agenda is soooo anathema to american values that the voters see it for what it is. the failed policies of the socialist agenda. and we may well get 2 years of reminders from pelosi and the like.

now. of the candidates so far. here are a few of my predictions.

guiliani. let’s dispose of his candidacy right now. i could have voted for him, but that video clip of him yelling enthusiastically, nu yooowk, nu yoooook! greatest city in the wold! nu yoooook! for those of you yankees, we still hate you up north. that video clip lost him super tuesday. he will NEVER succeed in the south.

mccain. CENTRIST! but to tell you the truth, i can handle some centrist positions. just NOT on immigration. he may succeed.

condi. first female, AND african american president? she could succeed. and mainly for that reason. the typical household black politician names are old and tired. jackson? sharpton? old has beens. and most importantly, the african american community is FINALLY beginning to ask the question. What have you done for me lately? she could well swing a huge tract of votes out of the dimocrat realm and into the conservative sphere.

romney. don’t know squat about him.

tancredo. FINALLY somebody who is tough on the law breaking illegal immigrants. he will be hounded by the latino groups and called racist at every turn, despite the fact that he is himself, latino.

others will emerge.

i will comment.


  1. I’d love for Condi to run. It’d be japes.

    Comment by Jeanna — January 11, 2007 @ 10:12 pm

  2. Romney is a Mormon, so has weird beliefs and wears weird underwear:
    He also voted for gay rights, so to speak, before he voted against them:

    Comment by Gus — January 13, 2007 @ 2:25 am

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