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January 30, 2007

Pop Tarts

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so i haven’t done one of these posts in a long while.

usually i protect the post as well so that nobody but registered readers could see them. but y’all never log in anymore so i’ve pretty much quit writing protected posts. oh well. no biggie

i’m hearing rumors here in the -Stan that my compnay has other more exciting positions opening up in various parts of the world. some in africa, where i really have no desire to visit. and yes, i’ve already been.

but there is another possible position opening up in south america…….


January 24, 2007


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January 22, 2007


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won’t this truly be an historic election and campaign if condi jumps i n the fray as well?

hillary leads the current dimocrat hopefuls be a mile. but she also has a huge unpopularity factor working for her. do y’all think she could best serve the dimocrats by droppingout of the race?

January 17, 2007


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no, i’m already married! i’m just having a wedding in the spring. i got married at a justice of the peace last year.



January 16, 2007


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so i’ve been a little under the weather lately. it has been cold, and heat has been hit and miss.

i’m feeling tons better, but still have that nagging cough i just can’t shake. it’s been a week since i went to tkd, so today i went. figured i’m feeling well enough, and i might get lucky and run this crap out of my lungs.


January 12, 2007


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while walking back to my compound for work, i noticed the poor gate guard, who is required to stand outside, and check badges, in the nasty cold was just beaming!

she was so happy to see us, so happy to run out and raise the gate for every car or truck coming and going.


January 11, 2007


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the coming republican primary is going to be wild.

candidates will fall into one of two categories.

centirsts and conservatives.


January 10, 2007

5 Things

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Kara Mia at life or something like it tagged me with a meme.

5 things you don’t know about me.



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this is a new category i’m starting.

i hear a lot of really funny shit out here. so i decided to start quoting some of it for y’all to enjoy as well.

here’s the first. (more…)


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no not me.

one of my sisters got engaged recently. yeah, the one who isn’t already married.

January 5, 2007


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no i haven’t been.

i want to blog. and i think of all kinds of good things to write about. but when i get home from a 15 hour day, AND working out in TKD with the korean military, i’m jusat too damn tired.

on the good side, i got an electric blanket from home. you can tell it is pretty basic here if a blanket is the biggest comfort i have.

i paid my car off today. i have NO DEBTS whatsoever except for my mortgage.

i thinnk i’ll but a carpet for my foyer.

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