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December 28, 2006

So Christmas was Nice

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So Christmas was nice.

It started snowing on Christmas Eve and snowed for 36 hours or so. we didn’t get 2 full feet of snow because there was a lot of water on the ground before it started to snow, but about midnight, the start of Christmas day, it started to stick.


December 24, 2006


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Christmas Day in Afghanistan.

2 feet of snow expected.

Yes, it is COLD!

December 23, 2006


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madpony is back


December 22, 2006

I’m in BIG Trouble

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no, not that kind of trouble!

this place here is under the international auspices. the base has several differnet international military forces. i’m not saying which countires exactly.

except for one.


December 18, 2006

B Hut

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yeah, the army calls my little shack a b-hut.

want to see some pics?


December 17, 2006


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well, i’ve been busy to say the least. i live in a plywood hut. think summer camp, but not as well insulated. i’m starting to get a little aclimated to the cold. and yes, it IS cold.

i’m slowly building a fort out of my cubicle. i have blankets nailed up to keep heat in, and to give a little privacy. works some.

i’ve taken some nice pictures of the mountains out here. they’re pretty. i’ll post those eventually.

surprising number of girls on base. really surprising. of course, most of them are kyrgyzi or uzbeki. and no. i don’t really care about that. i watched an army game of dodgeball yesterday. talk about brutal! we’re going to form our own team and see if we can play. i may take some pictures of that too.

i’m starting to et a bit settled, so i’ll be posting more normally again. and for those of you upset about me not posting so much political stuff anymore, well, when was the last time i watched tv? when was the last time i got a news source i can write about. i’ll start again, just not right now.

December 9, 2006


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elvis is leaving the building in the morning.

next stop? won’t say. some of you know. send an email if you don’t already know and would like to. hopefully, my work tempo will slow at my ‘new’ home and i’ll get more of a chance for things like blogging and school. not to mention working out. i haven’t worked out in 3 months!

but i have a friend there already who is a triathelte, and a marathon runner on her way. so it will be fun to run in the ummmmmm, himalayas

December 3, 2006


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Don't Kill the Kittens

i just thought this was funny

December 1, 2006

For the Fairest

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i just love smart history / mythology chicks.


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