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November 28, 2006


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Bahrain Flag

so i jetted down to bahrain over the weekend.

had a few beers and a cuba libre` or two with mr and mrs crusty. they’ve got a nice little homestead on the island.

i really just had to get out of here for a day. not because i’m sick of it, which i am, but because i need to get and exit stamp on my passport. don’t want to be an illegal alien myself now do i?

so i left, stayed the night in the hugely overpriced crown plaza, and had to tip everybody, had some beers with the crusty’s, had dinner at “Ric’s Country Kitchen” (it was mexican buffet night!) and then went back to my hotel room for sleep. 😉

Bahraini World Trade Center

yeah, i went straight to bed. never went down to the hotel lounge/disco. never did any dancing with russian and thai girls. never happened.
i got up the next day and got to sit in the airport all day. my 2:15 pm flight got pushed to 4, which wasn’t then boarded til 4:15. so we got off the ground around 5.

now. all y’all bitchin’ about the bad airline food.

you have NO F’N IDEA!

some weird garbanzo bean mix with potatoes and egg. spiced bad. mystery meat. no really. ACTUAL mystery meat.

on the way down. we just got airborne, and i had to turn the little air jet on my face full blast. some nasty nefarious dude dude dropped heinous ass and was obliterating my entire side of the aircraft. of course the seat belt sign was on so i couldn’t run.

and then…..

yeah, there’s an ‘and then!’

it was the food! i couldn’t believe it!

yes i tasted it. i actually ate a side dish of foual. garbanzo beans mixed with tomatoes and onions. raw. some spices thrown in. i tasted the nasty ass mystery egg thing. nope. i ate the pita bread. ate the fruit cup and drank the water.

oh you get water. no coke. no sprite. no milk. and no tomato juice.

tomato juice is what i was looking for. i can’t get it here. i like a v8 once in a while. and they had it at the px when i got here, but it has since long disappeared. i check every time i go in now. so when the little cart was rolling down the aisle, i was ready for some tomato juice.

what a disappointment.

gulf air just doesn’t get high marks.

oh, i did b ody check two bangladeshis trying to cut while deplaning. you know when everybody stands up in the aisle and waits to get to walk out? oh, these little guys were squeezing by everybody and just pushing through the crowd.

one went by.

two went by.

third guy got an elbow.

fourth guy tried the other side and i literally stepped on his foot and held him in place. then i moved over into him and pushed him up against the chair.

they were so confused. the arabs weren’t though. they kind of chuckled. and i know they were chuckling at the ugly american. i JUST DON’T CARE. bitches can wait just like everybody else.

oh, and in my mad rush to get rid of the ass-tastic food, i was expediently handing the little trays to stewardess ‘joylene’ from south africa. she was tasty i’m sure. food wasn’t. she was.

she offered me a job as her assistant.

we’ll see if i ever get an email from her. i bet not.


  1. I’m getting tired of these muthafuckin snakes on this muthafuckin plane

    Comment by medium john — November 28, 2006 @ 1:31 pm

  2. what was the inflight movie?

    Comment by Scooby — November 28, 2006 @ 1:37 pm

  3. What?

    Comment by jeanna — December 6, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

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