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October 4, 2006

Red River Rivalry

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Boomer Sooner

this weekend is the red river rivalry.

for those of you people not in the know, that’s the most important game in college football every year.

Oklahoma versus Texas.

now, some people are going to say it’s army-navy, or ohio state and michigan.

but they’re all smoking crack.

it’s all about the red river rivalry. the red river is the border between texas and oklahoma. the game is played every year in dallas in the cotton bowl during the texas state fair. and this isn’t some piddly state fair like most places have. teaxs has a real state fair. huge!

the first time they ever played was in 1900. and that’s 7 years BEFORE oklahoma was a state!

the record right now is 56-39-5. texas leads. yeah, do the math. this is the 101st game! 17 games man. come on STOOPS! go on a run. oklahoma has never beaten texas 6 times in a row! i want to see it! i want 10!

this year, i’ll have to hope it’s on my espn, or i’ll be glued in front of my computer watching the stats live.

Sooner Born, Sooner Bred,

When I die, I’ll be Sooner Dead!

for those of you who don’t know, craig over at the action blog and myself have a little wager. it involves the either i posting on his blog, or he gets to post on mine.

heh. i sure hope i get to post some good stuff!

now, this gets crazy down there folks! for you yankees and non american types. every year in dallas, which is considered a neutral field, it gets insane. there is the annual ‘pep rally’ on commerce street downtown dallas. at midnight you turn into a pumpkin because the police close the street at 12. and i mean your ass better be gone! because they will open up with the firehoses to get you out of there.

i’ve been twice. there was a cop within arms reach all the way down BOTH sides of the street! people just wear their colors and walk the street and taunbt each other. non stop shit talking. my fraternity in college rented two flatbed trucks, loaded them up woth hay, and we had hay rides up and down commerce, (with two kegs on each) and yelled our asses off. i think i was one of 3 sooners fans on the truck.

to boot, they have a tug of war across the trinity river in dallas every year as well. something like 10k people on a single rope.

i bet college gameday is in dallas this weekend. if not, lee corso needs his ass kicked.


  1. It’s a shame I don’t follow sports more. I probably will once I get to college and what not, and really have a team to root for. But not gonna lie, that sounds like a good bit of fun.

    how freaking long is that rope?!

    Comment by Liah — October 4, 2006 @ 9:40 pm

  2. OSU – Michigan is bigger! It started before 1897 vice 1900. Has produced 14 National Champions vice 13 for the OU – Texas game, not to mention OSU is the largest single campus school in the world while Michigan has the largest stadium in all College Football. These powerhouse schools have larger alumni and fan bases which means bigger rivalry.

    The team that is supposed to win the Red River Rivalry usually does, not so with OSU and Michigan. There have been more upsets in this rivalry than any of the other major Div-1A matchup this also helps build the rivalry.

    How’s this for an example? Last year when Texas played USC in the BCS championship you, Mr. OU fan, rooted for Texas. I as a Buckeye fan ALWAYS, root against Michigan. Heck I even root against the team plane even arriving safely!

    Comment by Scooby — October 6, 2006 @ 2:06 pm

  3. ohio also has two professional football team, and michigan has one. Texas has gthe cowboys, and i don’t count the texans. oklahoma has no professional teams of any sort.

    you want football? it’s ou. and that mean the ou – ut game.

    the osu/um game importance is dilluted by fan appreciation for those other pro teams.

    and no, there have been more upsets between ou/ut. there’s not really a such a thing as a favorite.

    i routed for texas because i ALWAYS route against usc, unless they’re playing the irish.

    Comment by mlah — October 7, 2006 @ 3:51 am

  4. Dude 28 to 10 in the forth with 8 minutes left? holy shit, O WHO? be ready for my guest post I’ll email it to you tomorrow!!!! LOL I love this feeling it’s priceless!!! Hook ’em Horns!!!!!

    Comment by CT — October 7, 2006 @ 5:33 pm

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