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October 30, 2006


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Balcony View

no. i haven’t lost mine despite what some of you think.

the pic above is the view from my living room at high tide.


October 28, 2006


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it rained last night.

at first it just sort of spit a little. i thought it was sand on my windshield at first. but when i hit my windshield wipers, it made mud!

then it actually sprinkled for a few minutes. then it receded back to spit. and stopped altogether.

rain. it was really nice to see.

October 27, 2006


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Princess Leia

The Goodies Dealers,

October 25, 2006

I’m in Trouble

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ok. i was really beginning to worry about myself.


October 23, 2006

Amazing Race 10

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i’m a huge fan of the amazing race. the 10th race is finished but airing right now. it kills me that i don’t get to see it.

but i do read the website every week to find out what’s going on.

guess where they were this week? well, this weeks episode actually. the race was shot a while ago.

they were in kuwait city. y’all want some pics?

look at these 

October 22, 2006

Spending Spree!

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yeah. i haven’t hardly spent a dime while i’ve been over here.

i guess that’s not really true. i pay for food, gas, phone, whatever. but i haven’t really been buying much else. and i’ve been making a nice paycheck.

i’ve just been paying off bills, which is a really good feeling. liquidating credit card debt.


October 19, 2006

Geneva Conventions

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much is being made in the realm of law about the status of the combatants in gtmo.

lawyers are especially want to decide their fates in a court of law. i think is more than a little bit of self interest here. more than a little bit of self justification going on by the members of the bar.

the world is chaotic. states provide sanity and order to the world. inside the state we do this with law. some nations have laws which are very similar. some not so similar. cultures dictate to us our similarities and differences.

when states meet and inevitably clash in the world, we try to pre arrange each others conduct with things called treaties. a while ago the major powers of the world met in a place called genf, switzerland (land of my forebears) to agree on the conduct of nations towards each others citizens.

specific conduct was determined, AS WELL AS the criteria for qualifying a person under the auspices of those conventions.

an important point is that the conventions specifically left matters internal to a state alone. no state wanted another state meddling in its own internal affairs.

this gives us our current dilemna.


October 18, 2006

Pop Tarts

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hello all

every now and again i write a post with a few pics of some little starlet. maybe she already is famous for something. but a little famous nonetheless.

i used to run it weekly, but i didn’t get too much by way of response out of my pop tarts posts, so i quit. but i’ve recently had a request for another, so i’m looking for pics.


October 15, 2006

Football Fights

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ok. this is not really a post about football.

the univeristy of miami played florida international university this last saturday in miami. at one point the game devolved into a bench clearing melee in the middle of the field. fans even got into fights in the stands.


October 11, 2006

The Texas Longhorns are the Greatest!!!!

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Hello everyone in MLAH land!!! That’s right it’s time for the Texas domination post… I know all of you have been eagerly awaiting this, especially because deep in the back of all of your minds you all love the texas longhorns and wanted them to kick OU’s ass!!! LOL… Well I guess all of your dreams did come true… The score of the game was 28 to 10, for those of you who didn’t already know it!!! From the very beginning OU was doomed… Especially because Colt McCoy took over exactly where Vince Young left off!!! The sooners coach Bob Stoops must have been shitting his pants the entire time!!! Here are some sweet pics for ya’ll!!! LOL…

every minute another texas fan is born!!!!!
Hook ’em Horns!!!!

Longhorn Catch

Longhorn Touchdown

Texas Oklahoma Split Crowd

Texas Tower

posted by craig at Action!!!

October 10, 2006

Nuclear Proliferation

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Nuclear Fission

how long before japan goes nuke?

why wouldn’t they?


October 8, 2006

Losing Bets

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yeah, i lost a bet with craig. most of you could tell i didn’t write the texas are the greatest post i hope.

but i lost, so that thing has to stay on top for a damned week!

it’s all right. stoops will get them next year. he’s 5-3 versus texas. so he’s doing pretty well. this does put a damper on oklahomas chances to win the national championship though.

bomar needs to be shot.

anyway. i have some other nice posts coming. but you’ll have to check underneath the texas stuff.

October 5, 2006

Pole Parties

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well, seems like kandi and mahli are still having fun. mahli sounds like she has cooled off a bit. kandi is still cool with me, but i’ll still be a bit antsy about going into pt’s when i get back.

of course by the time i get back to san antonio, they’re likely to be dancing at different bars, or even in different cities.

October 4, 2006

Red River Rivalry

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Boomer Sooner

this weekend is the red river rivalry.

for those of you people not in the know, that’s the most important game in college football every year.

Oklahoma versus Texas.


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