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September 8, 2006

Sugar Babies

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this post has been coming for a bit. i’ve had a dilemna over whether or not i should post anymore about my doings with the dancing professionals at all. but this is just too juicy to NOT post

no pics in this one. i just tried to search for a specific dancing establishment, and was blocked by the powers that be here. i’m going to have to lay off the pics for a bit.

kandi wasn’t involved in this one, though she’ll make another appearance pretty soon.

so thursday, i finished up my training in georgia. my flight wasn’t til saturday so i had some free time. i talked to blondie and she almost had me convinced to drop down her way as she was just a couple of hours down the road. however, i spoke with my travel rep and she moved my plane ride up a day. canxd my plans to see blondie, but it gave me an extra day to square things at home before i left. most of what i had to do entailed cleaning. i just can’t stand to leave a dirty house when i travel.
i was a little ahead of schedule when i got home friday afternoon. i did a little cursory cleaning and got a phone call. it was the person who comments here known as bluesdaddy. he’s an old friend of mine from the navy. we’ve got a few memories of things in spain like ‘dances in bars’ and some salsa contests.

bluesdaddy is a shorter than average chicano from east l.a. good friend. he knew where i was going and insisted i make a trip out despite my protestations of things to do.

i finally gave in. he of course wnated to go to pt’s and meet kandi. i finally impressed on him that it wasn’t a good scene. after all, the last time he and i went out, we met a girl who was the spitting image of the slasher girl in ‘monster’. and i do NOT mean she was claire danes hot. i mean she was slasher scary.

so we went to aqnother little establishment called ‘all stars’ i tried to look up the bar website, but was blocked.

so we paid our 7 dollar weekend cover and sprung for the 100 dollar vip table. sometimes the vip table is sooooo worth it. keeps the gangstas away fom you!

we get in and get settled. and after 2 dancers guess who goes up on stage?!

nah. kandi works at pt’s. mahli claims she didn’t/doesn’t strip.

up there on stage in a little white g string was rachel. but, her name wasn’t rachel. she went by amber. don’t know why amber. rachel is a thin blonde girl. i tend to think ‘amber’ should be a little amber haired girl.

i didn’t know what to do. i’ve had a few emails from these girls. i had even had a few emails by them before this incident.

but here goes.

rachel did her little two song set. first song with clothes, second song in a g-string. then another girl came out and rachel moved to stage 2, which is closer to the vip area.

and she saw us. well, she saw me. bluesdaddy was yet unknown to her. and i knew i was in trouble. she immediately waved a bouncer over to her, and started talking to him, and pointing in guess who’s direction.

y’all ever heard that song ‘gimme three steps’?

yeah. it wasn’t pretty. now, i take tkd. but i’m not in the tip top shape i used to be in. but i’m still no slouch. bluesdaddy i was a little unsure of. no matter what, i didn’t relish the idea of fighting a clubs worth of bouncers. and that’s how that works. you get in a fight with a bouncer, you’re in a fight with all of the bouncers. unless you have serious backup, you’re in trouble.

bouncer …. kevin…. came over and asked if my name was ….mlah. i answered yes and he told me i was going to have to leave.

SCORE! i was ready to book. there is more than 1 bar in san antonio. but we did pay 100 bucks and bluesdaddy wasn’t about to let that go. he was a little shocked we were asked to leave. i had pointed out rachel and id’d her to him, and he knows my whole stripper saga. but it didn’t matter. he wanted our 100 smacks back. we were vips after all.
kevin waved for backup. i made motions for the door. hands were placed on our bodies. and i really don’t like to be touched. least not by guys. but i didn’t feel like swinging just yet. we were hussled/pushed to the door and out into the parking lot, where i removed hands from me.

now, up to that point it was only kevin who had been handsy with me. oh, and rachel was following behind talking smack the whole way. now she was in the parking lot with us. in her white g string only.

it’s a really odd feeling to have a hot near naked chick standing in front of you in public, and screaming for your ass. not in a good way either. bad thing is i don’t really know why she was so pissed at me at this point, other than that mahli was pissed at me for talking.

bluesdaddy was taking it all in stride at this point. i think he’s been escorted from a bar or two in the past, though i’m not positive. he’s got that socal laid back attitude most of the time. and to be honest, i don’t think i’ve ever seen him pissed til this event.

when i removed kevins hand from my arm, the other bouncers took that as a green light. one grabbed bluesdaddy and two moved towards me. kevin was still massaging his wrist. i sort of twisted it a little. all it did was make him mad though.

did i mention bluesdaddy is a little shorter than average? that just makes certain things ‘handy’ to him. he executed what i like to call the bluesdaddy shuffle on some poor unsuspecting bouncer. it involved a clutch and twist, quickly followed by a series of upper cuts. i jumped sideways, to reduce the number of people attacking me….. and RACHEL came flying in with arms all windmill slappy at me. i caught one of her arms and just pulled her on past me. hard. she went flying into a bush.

heh. naked blonde in the bush.

fortuneately, the owner came outside or it could have gotten really ugly. and i just didn’t/don’t need any incidents. he came out and yelled stop. and the bouncers did. he instructed ‘paolo’ to take ‘amber’ out of the bush and get her ‘f’n naked ass back inside’. then he told us to get the f off of his property or he was calling the cops.

bluesdaddy and i spent the rest of the night in ‘fox and hounds’ playing darts and impressing the ladies with our stripper bar fighting sklzz. i found out later that rachel had called mahli and they spent a little time looking for us that night. they went to other stripper bars though. so we were lucky we hit a pub instead.

yes kelli, bluesdaddy is the person you met in bogota.
and yeah. the story continues.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahah

    Awesome dude. Just plain awesome. Nicely done.

    Comment by medium john — September 8, 2006 @ 11:44 am

  2. I almost wish I could have made an appearance

    Comment by Kandi — September 8, 2006 @ 2:10 pm

  3. ok, where’s the link to the back story here!!!

    Comment by KaraMia — September 8, 2006 @ 6:22 pm

  4. Yeah, I’m hurt you didn’t come visit me 🙁 bah.

    ditched me to hang out with strippers…

    Comment by Blondie — September 10, 2006 @ 6:39 pm

  5. He’s not that short. And I hear he got the money back.

    Also, Mrs. Blues Daddy says, though he’s not altogether banned, he can’t go to strip bars with you anymore.

    Comment by Mark — September 10, 2006 @ 8:39 pm

  6. mark, we’ll just have to go to austin.

    Comment by mlah — September 10, 2006 @ 11:20 pm

  7. Mlah, quit trying to get Mark in trouble!!!

    Comment by Blondie — September 11, 2006 @ 11:59 am

  8. This is admittedly off-topic, but is there prostitution in Kuwait? I know the authorities don’t want there to be any, but with all those service members, and all the guest-workers from other places, there must be some, no?

    Comment by trick_shot_f-in_cheney — September 12, 2006 @ 12:55 am

  9. service members are not allowed off of base. so if there is a little hooking going on with the gi’s, it’s on base and cloistered away from kuwaiti nationals.

    as for prostitution in the general society….. i don’t know. really. logic says there is somewhere. but there are no obvious places to look for it.

    Comment by mlah — September 12, 2006 @ 10:08 am

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