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September 29, 2006

Islamic Stripper

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yeah, another video.

this video is not safe for work, but it is funny. be sure to watch through to the end.


September 28, 2006

The Greatest Line Ever

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madame butterfly weighs in. i know her personally, and she is far from a heavyweight, but she can really strike a note when she wants. i’d give her some linky love here, but her website is now defunct. she took a break.

she thinks she quit, but i think she’ll be back.


September 26, 2006

Regime Change

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so, i’ve been hearing a lot of crap in the media lately about regime change, and how the people want it.

maybe i do.


September 24, 2006


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ramadan started yesterday.

at noon today i had two bologna and cheese sandwiches and a coke. i feel all giddy!

September 23, 2006

Career Choices

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Career Choice

yeah, i thought it was funny too.

September 22, 2006

It’s No Fun, Being an Illegal Alien

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phil collins did a song about that. was a catchy tune too.

some assholes in cali (where else) staged a pro amnesty, pro illegal alien rally. they attacked a post office, took down old glory, and put up a mexican flag. read about it here.
the touchy feely cali police waited and waited. and eventually got around to going over and righting the situation. while putting the US flag back up, they got pelted with bottles and rocks.

i’m in the mood to throw a few rocks and bottles back. there is a point.

September 20, 2006

A Lull in the Tempo

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i’ve been working every waking minute pretty much for the last two weeks or so.

i wake up and immediately check my email to see who did what while i slept. make changes to my schedule as necesary, pop in to my workcenter for as long as possible, and then start moving people.

last nigth i got rid of everybody. i have a brief lull. i slept in til 9, and then i started again. i’m getting ready to go to my workcenter, then i’m coming back here early and doing my forms damnit! i keep trying to workout and get sucked into something else.

oh shit. i have homework.

September 17, 2006

Action Meme

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action doesn’t do memes that often. but he did this one and it is a bit unusual, so i figured i’d do it too. hell, i’m playing hookie from homework really. but here goes. the thing is to respond to the one word with the first thing that pops into your head.


September 15, 2006

Rhona Mitra

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so. a long time ago i did my own list of 5. and after a short while i had to adjust it to my list of 10.

i put ms mitra front and center on my list. i don’t really know anything about her. where she’s from, what her ethnicity is. she was just hot. i saw her in a few shows, like ‘life of david gale’ and the new ‘spartacus’.

then i forgot about her.


September 14, 2006

Sweet Kandi

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so this will be the last of my posts about my recent stripper escapades. at least, until i get some new stripper escapades. i still get a couple of emails from these girls. i’ll probably publish a couple of the tamer flamings so y’all can see the level of vindictiveness i’m dealing with.

this is the sunday before i flew out. i was finishing cleaning my house and packing. just tieing up loose ends really.


September 12, 2006


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i’m not quite into a routine yet. getting close.

i’ve actually written two posts that got eaten by gremlins. seriously, the internet here drops my connection fairly often. i’m going to write one more post on kandi, for y’alls entertainment purposes only.

now. to see if this one gets eaten too.

September 8, 2006

Sugar Babies

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this post has been coming for a bit. i’ve had a dilemna over whether or not i should post anymore about my doings with the dancing professionals at all. but this is just too juicy to NOT post

no pics in this one. i just tried to search for a specific dancing establishment, and was blocked by the powers that be here. i’m going to have to lay off the pics for a bit.

kandi wasn’t involved in this one, though she’ll make another appearance pretty soon.


September 7, 2006

A Couple of Pics

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i thougt i’d throw up a couple of pics real quick for y’alls viewing pleasure.

Casa View

low tide


September 6, 2006

Tips for Guys

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hey, i found this little how to on girls. a little guide on what girls want. and always aiming to please the fairer sex, in an effort to get the fairer sex to please me….. i took some of these tips to heart.

but some of them are just so far from my experience, i thought it necesary to post them here…. with my interpretations, for y’alls enjoyment.

i’ve added my comments in italics


September 2, 2006

Home for the Weekend

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so i got my flights moved up to yesterday and flew home early. i didn’t think they’d leave me sitting in columbus, ga with nothing to do.

i’m cleaning house and packing. monday is d-day for me.

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