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August 23, 2006

International Law

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so my last class at Norwich U was called international law.

i actually enjoyed it. dangerous though. i got a fgirst hand look up close like on how liberals are trying to extend the ever creeping fingers of the un into our society. leviathon is just a jump away for them.

i enojyed arguing with my liberal classmates over the validity of international law on the us.

as in there is no such thing as international law. we can all talk happy about it. and theorize on how it SHOULD apply to everyone on the planet. when in reality every country scoffs at the imposition of international law over their own national law.

everyone. everyone points to the un when they aren’t involved…… but when the chips are down, IL is just a nice catch phrase liberals use to hurl at realists.

and how arrogant liberals are. they preach respect for all, and the wonders of diversity. but as soon as you disagree, you need to be re-educated and forced to think just like they do.


so my final paper was on palestine. i attempted to prove that palestine is in fact a country now, and that israel has defined it.

first i defined the pieces of land we were talking about by tracing it historically from when the region was plucked form the ottoman empire. then the collapse of the british mandate, to civil war in 48, and the broader arab israeli war that followed. and finally the 63 war that saw arab – jordanian domination ended.

i then used two approaches. first i showed how the palestinians have in fact assumed the responsibilties fo a country. they run their own police and elections. they peacefully transitioned power as a result of the elections. most forcefully, they treat with other countires as a state. look at camp david. jimmy peanut carter. menachim begin, and yasser. like him or not, he was practicing statecraft.

the next argument was how israel treats the palestinians. and especially in contrast to how they treat their own citizens. i emphasized how palestinians are refused  basic human rights…. as delineated in the universal declaration of human rights, put forth by the un in 48, and again in 98. such basic things as the right to work as denied by blockades, the right to equal access to hospitals. assuming they could pay. and i made the case that basically israel, a peace loving nation was in egregious violation of international law, or that palestinians are not citizens of israel.

oh the udhr states very explicitly that everyone has a right to a nationality. so the argument that not being israeli doesn’t grant a state. wrong. they have the right to a nationality, and if they’re not israeli, they ARE something else.

i touched on the wall and how it is essentially defining the actual borders for the new state of palestine.
and lastly i went into some reasons why israel denies them some basic abilities, such as running their own borders, or ports or airports. israel can’t allow it for security reasons. and ofcourse what a mess the middle east would be if palestine would be if palestine could allow foreign troops to base in palestine.

you think the middle east is a mess now? just wait til the iranian revolutionary guard corps places 120000 troops in the west bank.


  1. It’s all about oil.

    Comment by World Peace Religion — August 24, 2006 @ 8:16 am

  2. It’s all about Bushco’s attempt to take over the World!!

    Comment by yup — August 24, 2006 @ 2:48 pm

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