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August 14, 2006

Meme From Belgium

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ok everyone, liesl in belgium tagged me with this. funny to see how memes change from place to place and person to person.

this is actually going to be difficult for me. i’ll give it a try

1. What is the greatest form of physical delight for you?

heh, seriously? i’m a single guy! sex of course!

2. What does intellectual pleasure mean for you?

debate. but the best form is figuring out a puzzle. especially if nobody else can.

3. Do you know culinary climaxes?

no. i really like some good fajitas with some pico de gallo, but a climax? does the whipped cream bikini count?

4. What gives you artistic delight?

this one is difficult. i could throw the playboy is art thing out for fun. but all my time in europe and the mideast, going to mainly historic old churches and other holy sites, i have to say the art i really like, and most people don’t, is stained glass. i went to a church in prague made with the bones of plague victimes and they had an entire wall of stained glass pics. and of course it faced south, and i was lucky enough to be there around noon on a clear day. i could have stood there all day and just gawked.

5. Who or what do you really hate?

muslims. islam in general. the more i read into it. the more i deal with it’s followers, the more alienated from it i become. religion of peace. nope.

6. What do you enjoy?

company. just shooting the shit with friends is the best time.

7. Who or what makes you happy?

solving puzzles.

8. What makes you unhappy?

small people. and i’m talking character. the people who like to try and ridicule other people in an effort to make themselves appear better. if you can’t stand on your own, just beat it. i have been known to go a little assholish on these people to the point of pissing off friends. i will just not lament on the ridicule when they push me far enough.
9. What does your heaven look like?

i’ve never really thought about it.

10. What seems like hell to you?

the lake of fire.

11. With whom would you want to spend an unforgettable night? National and International.

National: Alyssa Milano, for the obvious reasons. Maybe Julia Stiles

International: I’m thinking Indira Varma. Maybe Sheilah Carvalho.

tagging people.

madame butterfly because she apparently likes memes.

alli at fox rants

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