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August 13, 2006

Blonde Joke

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second in my quick little listing of dirty jokes.

i did a brunette, time for a blonde.

so, same sex shop. zelda has gone through a few employees. they keep starting, she trains them, and then they quit.

they just can’t handle the fast paced and challenging career of a sex shop worker.

then one of zelda’s cousins from oklahoma comes to visit.

zelda is worried. if big city employees can’t handle the work, how is a bumpkin from oklahoma going to cope?

but blood is blood. so she hires him. she spends a day training him in running the cash register. teaches him the vocab, shows him were the non lethal defense items are in case he gets robbed, and was confident he was as trained as she could get him.

the next day comes and zelda wants to go out for lunch. her boy called and she wants to try the new little restaurant he’s trying to take her to. but okie just hasn’t instilled all the confidence in her she needs yet. but her boy is persistant. he’s confidant in okie. he can handle it. zelda tells okie he can eat her lunch which she brought with her. it’s under the counter.
so zelda laments and goes to lunch.

okie mans the store. shortly after zelda leaves, a blonde walks up to the okie for some help. she was in the store last week and overheard zelda selling a below the counter item known as a voodoo penis. the blonde wants to try something new.

she’s had big dildos, small dildos. black ones. white ones. blue ones. battery powered and hand crank ones. even remote control. but she wants the voodoo penis.

okie thinks about it. and he’d heard about the voodoo penis and had strict orders to not refund anything for its return. he knew well about the voodoo penis. so he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sell it to her.

but then he looks at the blonde and tells her. ma’am, the voodoo penis was a one of a kind item. and it’s been sold. the blonde pouts in that way blondes do when they know they can get what they want anyway. and the okie leans over the counter, and does a head check. then he confides in her. but we do have one other item.

it’s a special item. hard to find. are you interested?

the nlonde nods in the affirmative, knowing she’s about to get something special.

so okie tells her. it’s a plaid dildo.

the blonde is intrigued. she’s never even heard of a plaid didlo. won’t her friends be impressed?

so the blonde buys the plaid dildo and goes home.

after a little while zelda returns. she’s apprehensive. she checks the store. the merchandise is still there. the power is still on. everything looks ok.

she ask her cousin, how’d it go? sell anything?

and okie flashes her a big wamr smile, and say yeah,

i sold 4 dildos, 8 jars of supa lube, two whips, and I SOLD YOUR THERMOS FOR A 150 BUCKS!

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  1. I love blonde jokes. Here’s one of my favorites:

    Why do blondes wear underwear?

    To keep their ankles warm.

    Comment by medium john — August 13, 2006 @ 8:57 pm

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