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July 25, 2006

Going On and On and On

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so the war in lebanon is raging on. it’s going more slowly than i had expected. i kind of expected syria to be involved by now.

i expected the israelis to use this war as an excuse to reach a peace treaty with the syrians. well, they have been techinically at war for around 60 years now. i expected the israelis to recommence hostilities through somesort of incident, real or not, and then spank them. reaching of course an actual peace treaty with them.

i thought it was coming too. syria grew some huevos and popped off that if israeli troops in lebanon came within 12 miles of syria, that syrian troops would respond.

hasn’t happened yet.

un troops have died now though. oh, there will be shock and condemnations from the international committee. big whoop de whoop.

now, the us has given israel 10 days. look for the israelis to continue their raids against hizballah for a week or so, and then find a pretext to continue the hostilities.

and i say israel, because hizballah is going to run out of missiles soon, except for the longer range ones that they can fire further into israel and also fire them from further away. don’t be foole dby hizballah. they are talking shit about starting to fire deeper into israel. they are doing this because the have

a) fired most of their operable katyushas

b) are increasingly paying the price for firing katyushas.

c) under political pressure in lebanon to achieve parity with israeli damage. the muckety mucks are disappointed that israel destroy hizballah sites at will, and hizballah shoots some missile sin the general dirtection of their targets. they want RESULTS they can hold up to the lebanese people as a victory in their bs hizballah way.

so they will resort to larger missiles soon. this may be a pretext for deeper incursions into lebanon.

eventually they have top go all the way to ba’albek if they want to seriously hurt hizballah.

it’s so sad. i wish the lebanese were strong enough, and had the will to do away with hizballah themselves. israel would be happy if lebanon did that. but the powers that be are beholden to the social services hizballah provides in lebanon. and now the powers that be are tied to the anchor that hizballah is.

i had such high hopes when the lebanese kicked out the syrians.


  1. yeah it’s a bit boring… lol

    Comment by Craig — July 26, 2006 @ 8:24 pm

    I just wanted to share this really good, non-partisan piece by food writer Anthony Bourdain (w/ emotional pro-military ending). Enjoy. (You have to click thru a short ad to see it.)

    Comment by trick_shot_f-in_cheney — July 28, 2006 @ 8:05 pm

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