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June 30, 2006


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every once in a awhile you hear a new answer to an old question that makes you laugh.


June 29, 2006


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seldom do i ever favor a cover to the original. i almost always like the original versions of songs better. but once in a while….

a friend put what is in all probability the first version she’s ever heard of zeppelin’s ‘kashmir’ up on her myspace account. i heard it when i looked at her page. i hope she has listened to a little zeppelin though.
i love it. kashmir never quite had the real moroccan feel to me that robert plant intended when he spent all of that time in marrakesh (i think it was marrakesh. i know it was morocco) studying music, and which gave us the song of the same name.

instrumental, no lyrics….. but that’s just my license to sing them in my car on the way to work tomorrow!

oh, and get this. want to see the artist who impressed me so much that i prefer their version of kashmir to page and company?


June 26, 2006

Joran van der Sloot

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i just watched joran getting served with a civil suit on foxnews.

let’s get some things straight. i suspect the guy was involved in the death of natalie holloway in some way, but you don’t have to be an ass about it. i mean, we still must observe the presumption of innocence. everyone who on the left who has whined about it, for oj, or slick willie or anyone else, you have to afford the same presumption to the soldiers accused of murder at haditha or anywhere else.

and this includes the msm. asshats. but by the same flip of the coin, we all have to, from either side of the fence afford the same presumption to younf mr van der sloot.

then we hang him.

seriously. give him a trial. let’s see what evidence they have.

as for the tard detective who served him, talk about trying to pick a fight. and he kept yelling welcome to america. that was the rudest thing i’ve seen in months.

June 25, 2006

Angle Girls

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before some certain girl flies down here and cuts off my head…. or does something worse, i have to explain a little bit about my perception of the english chicks.

in spain, there were a few english girls working in bars. some of them were hot. some were not. most of the other bartender chicks were all pretty incredibly hot. most of them being from ireland or spain. i developed quite the taste for irish girls while there.

now, a quick caveat. i know the difference between england and ireland. between either of those two and scotland, and wales, and even the isle of mann, or wight. i’ve met and messed around with young ladies from all of those places. sometimes i paid the price for my geographic ignorance. not often though. i watched ‘haggus’ get beaten for not knowing that ireland was ‘completely’ separate from england. he thought ireland was where scotland is. big mistake. huge.


World Cup Continues

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Yeah, we got put out at group play.

not to worry though. i still got to cheer against mexico yesterday in hooters. it was quite comical really. there were three huge tables of mexicans… uh, i mean fans of mexican world cup soccer… who were cheering very vehemently for their uh…. favorite team….

and slowly but surely, everybody else started to cheer for argentina. and it hurt me. i hate argentine soccer. they act. they play hurt when they aren’t and try to get penalty kicks for it. weak. but i cheered for them on saturday.

mexico cheered for osama? fuck em.

argentina kicked a goal, finally, in the first overtime period. there were a host of cheers coming from around the restaurant. and lots of groans from the uh, three certain tables.

they were a little upset at first that someone dared cheer against mexico. but as the cheers kept coming from around the room, they chilled.

i’m cheering for the swiss and the spanish now. pretty much after that, i cheer for whoever i think has the best looking women. sorry england.

June 21, 2006

Japanese TV

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yeah, japanese tv rocks.

they can get away with anything.

this will make you laugh.

and be sure to watch to the end. the gag changes.

The Unholy Trinity

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a long time ago i asked myself why all of the worlds bad guys didn’t get together and act up at the same time.

looks like they finally are.


June 17, 2006


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anyone tired of poeple on cell phones while driving?


June 15, 2006


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so this girl who sits beside me at work today mentioned that her birthday is coming up. just a month or two.


June 13, 2006

Low and Desperate

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no, we’re not talking about my love life.

it’s how the left conducts themselves in regard to the vacuum of atrocities not commited by our troops in iraq, or elsewhere.

yeah, i’m assuming it was the left. but after all, they do have the predominance of the guitar strummin folk singers.


Bad Day

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turns out i didn’t win the lottery, and since i quit my job….. prematurely, i have to find a new one.

i went on a job interview today.

funny how some people see and hear the things they want.


June 12, 2006


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what the fuck?

the press actually believes the bogus claims that zarqawi got roughed up a bit on his way to ‘abandon all hope’ as he passed the arch?


June 11, 2006

International Arrests

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ahmadenijad is supposedly a soccer fan.

he may travel to germany to watch iran play if they make it to the elimination round.

rumors have it that he may be arrested if he does travel to germany.


June 9, 2006


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so i hit the powerball finally.

and as is madatory when you hit the powerball, you have to hook up your friends and family.


June 7, 2006

Creeping Sharia

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mogadishu has fallen.

sharia law is creeping out of the middle east and expanding its reach to new territory.


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