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May 25, 2006


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the weekend cometh.

i advertised a few weeks ago that i was going to have a little shindig at my house for ufc60. that’s ultimate fighting championship 60. main draw is matt hughes fighting royce gracie.

but in light of my last post about the coming world cup, i’d like to list my favorites, with a few reasons.

Royce Gracie

first though, ufc 60. go ROYCE GRACIE. just something about a legend coming back to the sporting event he helped build, (this is my house. i built this house).

now for the world cup.

Let’s see. in order i’ll be cheering for teams, pretty much.

USA – i am a child of the us. i will always cheer for us.

Holland – i got to serve on a dutch sub. i’ve cheered for them in most things ever since. someday, i’m going to amsterdam.

England – just because they got bombed

Ivory Coast – i always cheer for the underdog. gotta like when the obscure african tyeams come to the cup and rock europe. i just hope we don’t have to play them.

Australia – hot chicks. why else wouldn’t i cheer for them? plus they rioted over the lebanese gang rapes.

Sweden – same as australia. they’re not happy about the muslim gang rapes either.

Switzerland – i have swiss blood

Spain – i used to live there.

Japan – i guess.

Argentina – their players are usually better actors than players. but gotta love the argentine girls

Italy – because rob and yup are there, and i know they’ll have trouble beiong allowed to cheer for the us there.

Brasil – The favorites. probably. if i have to guess who’ll win, i’d guess brasil. but their girls are hot too. and usually topless.

Germany – Because nobody else will cheer for them.

Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal – European teams i neither like nor dislike.

Costa Rica, Trinidad, Ecuador, Paraguay

Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Angola – all african teams that are liable to garner quite a bit of support if they shock any big names.

Tunisia – i just don’t care for them. i have no opinion one way or the other.

and now the bad guys.

Saudi Arabia – lose you bastards lose.

South Korea – i cheered for you last time, and only to see your ridicule when we played. and all that crap about how we have hurt korea so much. lose you bastards lose.

Iran – lose lose lose. go home and work on your nukes.

Mexico – at a friendly game between the us and mexico, they chanted osama. and vincent fox keeps telling us what we can do in our own country. i probably shouldn’t cheer against them. if they lose, no doubt another 4-5 million will come north.

France – lose you bastards. lose lose lose.


  1. wow. you’ve really put some thought into this. But the fact you care this much leads me to think you really aren’t a TRUE American. Who the hell cares about soccer?

    Typical soccer game = an hour of hairy guys running back and forth. goal. more hairy guys. another goal. Yea! A tie!!!

    I’d rather root for curling any day…

    Comment by Mark — May 26, 2006 @ 12:49 am

  2. Oh oh! Or beach volleyball! THERE is a TRUE American sport. Wanker.

    Comment by Mark — May 26, 2006 @ 12:50 am

  3. you remember my expose’ on olympic curling? i like that ‘sport’ as well. my fascination in soccer no doubt comes from watching it while i….. we lived in spain. but you may not have seen some of my previous posts on soccer / minor sports. maybe my motivations are a little different than you are guessing.

    look here and here

    Comment by mlah — May 26, 2006 @ 1:26 am

  4. so you coming over saturday night? my door is open, and i have a beer for you. or several.

    Comment by mlah — May 26, 2006 @ 1:27 am

  5. Oh oh! Or beach volleyball! THERE is a TRUE American sport. Wanker.

    Funny thing, Brits play Beach Volleyball as well, they just aren’t very good at it. The rays of the sun burn their pasty pale skin.

    UFC though, THAT is a TRUE American sport. The American fighters almost always win and the Canadians and the very few brits that fight almost always get raped.

    Another funny thing, When a Brit beats an American in MMA, the Brit fans say “What a pussy Yank”. When an American beats a Brit they say “The Americans are just brutish and uncivilized beasts who do nothing other than fight”. Silly insecure Brits make me laugh.

    Comment by Kent Rogers — June 1, 2006 @ 4:20 pm

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