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May 22, 2006

New Technology!

Filed under: Humor — mlah @ 9:55 pm

so i was chatting with moonbatty on AIM. and she claims to have a fancy new device known as an ‘mmt’

the Magical Mlah Translator. i just don’t get it?!

mlah23 (9:46:29 PM): did you know there is a www.moonbattery?

moonbattie (9:47:03 PM): Seems to be a right-wingy wegbsitey?

mlah23 (9:47:32 PM): middle of the road :p

moonbattie (9:48:34 PM): ::runs that through my MagicMlahTranslator(TM):: Oh! You mean “right wing extremist that is so neoconlike that I will want to vomit”? :-)

mlah23 (9:49:02 PM): the ‘mmt’ huh?

mlah23 (9:49:10 PM): what are some other translations?

mlah23 (9:49:24 PM): she needs a spanking!

moonbattie (9:51:06 PM): ::runs that through my MagicMlahTranslator(TM):: She should be bent over and fucked like a stuck pig

mlah23 (9:51:31 PM): wow! that was much more graphic than i would have said

mlah23 (9:51:48 PM): bent over and stuck or bent over and fucked…..

mlah23 (9:51:59 PM): i’m posting this

moonbattie (9:53:06 PM): *ROFL*


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