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May 31, 2006

International Systems and Theory

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i got my grade back from my first post-grad class. out of a possible 1000 points, i totaled 844. so i got an 84 percent.

i received 340 on my final (out of 390) and have no feedback on it yet.

for those of you who know my trials and tribulations through this class. i’m happy with the B.

May 30, 2006


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everyone know who winston churchill was?

does everyone know what he did? let me see. beat the nazis? save the world? keep ‘ultra’ secret? he did a lot of things to be sure. some call him the greatest briton.

anyone know what he really did?


May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

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everyone be sure to take a moment today and say a thank you to all of the military members who had to die to get us a day off of work.

take just one moment and say thank you. go on.

May 27, 2006


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the earth shook. the rivers ran backwards. the glaciers thawed. dogs had sex with cats. and the grass turned blue.


May 25, 2006


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the weekend cometh.

i advertised a few weeks ago that i was going to have a little shindig at my house for ufc60. that’s ultimate fighting championship 60. main draw is matt hughes fighting royce gracie.

but in light of my last post about the coming world cup, i’d like to list my favorites, with a few reasons.


May 23, 2006

World Cup

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the FIFA world cup is coming up. or really, it’s just the world cup. there’s only one.

the us is in it again. last year we made it past the initial group and into the tourny… but got beaten.

i just hope we do better. win more than one game guys!

Gotta Love Redneck Ingenuity

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Redneck Ingenuity

oh man. i bet they were moving out that weekend and just going to leave the pool there.

May 22, 2006

New Technology!

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so i was chatting with moonbatty on AIM. and she claims to have a fancy new device known as an ‘mmt’

the Magical Mlah Translator. i just don’t get it?!


May 21, 2006

The Honest Blogger Quiz

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i read Tony Pierce from time to time. he was one of the fiorst blogs i stumbled on and i used to read him near daily. i don’t have time for that anymore. but i still do make a visit every now and again. this finally paid me back.

about a month ago i last stopped by his site, and he had just visited houston and austin with his job. oh well. not that big a deal really, but i have yet to actually meet any single blogger except for madame butterfly. and that’s cheating because i worked with her before either of us blogged.

anyway, tony has the honest blogger quiz up. he invented it, and i thought i’d give it a go.


Turning Roundhouse

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i haven’t posted anything about taekwondo in a while. thought y’all might like to see this.

please right click and save .



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Moonbatty is up in arms. not that unusual really. she doesn’t fly off the handle that easily, but she does go off on a rant every once in a while about a perceived threat.

the flavor of the week is the ‘wire tapping’ being done by the nsa.


May 17, 2006

Damned Hippies!

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damned BJ and Tyler won the amazing race 9 tonight. my team never wins! i don’t think my favorite team has won a single time. Well, one time i just wanted Rob and Amber to lose and they did. so i guess that’s a small victory.

May 15, 2006

A Moment in History

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if anyone isn’t paying attention, tomorrow W is going to address the nation.

it will be a momentus event for the history of the united states. he is predicted to address illegal immigration tomorrow. some reports say that he will order thousands of national guard troops to the border.

it’s a start


May 12, 2006


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i like butts.


May 10, 2006

Girls Gone Wild

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not what you think.

think the war in iraq is going badly? you could be in college!

right click and save this.

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