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April 26, 2006

The Rape at Duke

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can anyone say tawana brawley? it’s graphic verbally, so read on with that knowledge.

April 24, 2006

The Price of Gas

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sucks doesn’t it? keep going baby. higher higher and higher.

i hate paying money, but the higher the price climbs, the more angry people get. right now, they’re focused on the oil companies.

let’s face it. oil companies are in business to make money, and that means they are, and should follow, the age old rule of supply and demand. the demand is there, so they’re jacking the prices up. people are whining, but they’re still buying. when they actually start looking for motorcycles, and bicycles, the oil companies will have to stop raising prices.


April 19, 2006


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y’all ever run into a vampire?


April 17, 2006


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i think i’m going to have a party at my house for the gracie fight. it’s in late may.
anyone want to come?

what? you don’t know who royce gracie is?

April 16, 2006

The Coming War

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we’re going to war with iran. it’s coming. and it keeps looking like it’s going to happen sooner than later. there are a few questions that stand out though.


April 14, 2006

Mohammed and Dhimmi central

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trey stone and matt parker wrote an episode of south park that depicted the prophet mohammed. it aired last night.

at the last second, comedy central censored the cartoon and pulled it. michelle malkin called comedy central (she has a little more pull than i do) and comedy central confirmed it. the censoring of the mohammed cartoon was a comedy central decision.

now malkin is running a new logo contest for comedy central.


April 11, 2006

Notice Anything Funny?

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i watched the dallas protest on the news. i watched the san antonio protest tonight on the news.

i saw the protests a couple of weeks ago with all of the mexican flags waving. in prep for the coordinated protests, organizers asked protestors to not bring mexican flags. seems they have caught on to the rest of america seeing that as an invasion, and not as potential fellow us citizens.

so to put on the best face, leave your mexican flags at home this time. and wear white, ‘the symbol of peace’. nevermind those same white t-shirts are worn by some gangs. but that’s beside the point.

did they leave the tricolor with the rattlesnake and eagle on cactus at home? check. did they bring old glory? oooop. seems like for the most part, no one HAD and american flag. i saw the occasional american flag. just like i saw the occasional mexican flag. but nowhere near the number of flags i saw before.

how come they don’t have american flags?

April 8, 2006

Health Insurance

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and since i ranted a little about health insurance in the last post, anyone know a health insurance plan you buy outside of work? moonbatty is looking for a plan to buy. if you know of one cheaper than 365$ a month, drop by her place and let her know, or just comment it here.

The Border

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i am not a racist.

close (arm if necesary) the border, deport illegal aliens here (all of them regardless of race), and re-examine the immigration process as it exists. no amnesty.
i am not a racist. it is becoming a favored tactic of the pro amnesty, elimination of the border crowd to label anyone opposed to unlimited movement of latinos illegally into the US as racist.

let’s take a better look at their motives, and at the reasons i oppose them.



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yeah, i can hide things now. register to see them. not all posts will be visible to everyone.
someday, i’ll get my skins back…..

April 6, 2006


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hey y’all, shortly i’m going to put a link on my sidebar for registering for my site. you can register or not. registering will get you access to more posts. and it enables me to lock down spam a little more. plus you can always just tell your browser to remember your userid/password, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

heads up.

any of you who want to get a headstart, go here

April 2, 2006


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some certain person keeps using the wikipedia site on the www as a reference in his comment rants here. somebody keeps doing it in my grad class too! he got the doctoral smackdown today. was told ‘it’s not very reliable’ and ‘you can even edit it yourself’.

wikipedia sucks. i may even have to go in and add a little somethin somethin myself…..

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