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March 7, 2006

The Amazing Race 9 Episode 2

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heh! i have my laptop up and networked! now i just have to get all of my software on it.

that means i can blog from my living room now. y’all are going to see a lot more activity now.

moonbatty is expecting a post about my fetish/non-fetish for spanking. that story will be coming soon. promise.

tonight, the ONLY reality tv show is on.

starting in sao paolo brazil. was it pele at the mat last week?

go to copan building. find the next clue. the leaders, eric and jeremy, can only think about team DD. they are hot!

i want to see the two spanish girls outside of the latin world. wait til they get to india

the hippie team from san fran weirds me out. the place with the clues inside building copan doesn’t open til 8 am. all teams will catch up.

roadblock. climb a fire escape, then repel to the bottom of the building. more than 300 ft.

i’m cheering for dave, the overweight guy.

show em that senior power? fat chance buddy

psycho guy from mississippi is pretty athletic. but his wife will have to do some of these.

next clue sends them to another podunk brasilian town. get a vw bug. an old bug.

the old couple is in last. this could be their last week.

ah, there are specific departure times to podunk brasil and the vw bugs.

ah, eric and jeremy fondled the DD buttocks. tv love is in the air!

detour at the vw beetles.

press it or climb it.

press sugar cane into juice, or go to a waterfall and climb UP with rope ascender thingies.

the san fran hippies, (bj and someone) are flambuoyant, and will make for good tv, but they weird me out somehow. we’ll see if it’s just because they’re cali hippies or not.

man, those beetles are pieces o crap!

some coffee plantation is the pit stop. last team MAY be eliminated. a non elimination leg this early? no way.

eric and jeremy are following the hippies to the pit stop. it’ll be a footrace to te mat.

oooop. the elderly couple is going to try and climb the waterfall.

hippies win this leg

2. eric and jeremy
3. joseph and monica
4. dave and lori !
5. ray and yolanda
6. wanda and desiree
7. lake and michelle. psycho !!!!!!!!
8. DD
9. fran and berry
10. joni and lisa. eliminated!

scenes from next week….

going to moscow.they have to swim.

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  1. you owe me more posts than just the one on spanking. I fully expect to see all the posts that you’ve so publically claimed I tried to stop you from posting. 😉

    although feel free to start with the spanky story.

    Comment by moonbatty — March 8, 2006 @ 12:48 pm

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