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February 27, 2006

The Amazing Race 9

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the best reality series starts again tomorrow.

all of those other shows aren’t scottish. not scottish at all.

and you know what that means.

Muslim Rave Party

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this is some funny shit.

yup forwards me an article every now and again, but this one was just too funny not to share with y’all.

New Computer

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my old box was acting hokie. so i went down to altex yesterday and fronted the money for some new components.

athlon 64 3200. asus a8v-se (they were out of the deluxe). 2 gigs ram. new 550 power supply (needed the 24 pin).

rebuilding my os right now. the windows update thing takes a while.

so i have 4 computers in my house right now. last night, none of them were working.

February 25, 2006


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so we had a little ‘breaking’ thing going on at my tkd school today.

karma hit me bad.

February 21, 2006

Status Report

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so i got admitted to grad school today.

i’m going to get a masters in diplomacy!

go on! do your worst! i’ve already heard all of the jokes! so be original.

was sick this weekend. mop and glo’d my floors saturday night because i was too sick to go out……

treading water at work.

the amazing race 9 starts in one week. it is the best and ONLY reality show. no voting off of competitors. be slow. be stupid. be last. be eliminated! i can’t wait to see what they make them do this time.

think i’m going to pf changs for lunch on friday. anyone want to come with me?

February 20, 2006

Unusual Sports

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Jamey Johnson

one thing i really love about the olympics is that you get to see some unusual sports. competition is competition. i happened across the ladies curling event the other night. i don’t know why exactly but for some reason, i sort of took a shine to it!

February 18, 2006

The Aftermath of Valentine’s Day

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so i buy this croatian girl some chocolate for valentine’s.

how does she react?

oh, i’m going with the croatian girls. maybe czech. russian girls on the internet are to cliche` now.

February 16, 2006

Houses of War and Peace

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the muslim view of the world is that there are two worlds, or houses.

the world of war. which is what we live in, and

the world of peace. they don’t really use the word ‘world’ here. they use house. but my old arabic instructors used to refer to it as the world, so i tend to as well.

the dar al harb, and
the dar al islam.

i found a nice side by side comparison.

i wanted to comment but i would have had to create a profile on that specific blog. so i didn’t.

it’s worth a read though

Google Searches

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i am the number one return for a google search on Minsk brothel!

boy are they in for a disappointment.

February 12, 2006

The Phrench Connection

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maybe the phrench are right?

maybe we should be negotiating with the terrorists?

i saw this at i love jet noise and i just know some of you are going to love it!

A New Phenom

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i’ve been watching a general trend the last few years that has been picking up speed.

barbie mutilation.

recently i stumbled on a site that had multiple barbies arranged in a whole host of various sexual positions. the girl in question (adult) had even managed to construct new anatomical prosthetics for the various dolls in the pictures. it was pretty vile. but funny in that , ‘oh shit! that’s just wrong’ sort of way. like the barbies in the blender upside down.

today i stumbled on another example.

it’s the picture under the expansion. the attached post and explanation was very funny. you can view it firsthand here. WARNING! don’t read on if you can’t handle barbie humor!


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for those of you who know, i got online today and bought an ultra60.

February 11, 2006


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Arab Assholes

the global war on terrorism.

this is in response to a george clooney interview.

i’ll include that below

WARNING! the pictures below are work safe, but NOT for the faint of heart.

Why I Post Pictures of Women

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i post the apparently gratuitous post of chicks from time to time for several reasons, the least of which is not because i like them.

i do.

but i also do it because it pisses off muslim sensibilities. and right now i am all about irritating muslim sensibilities. are they going to issue a fatwa against me? let them. i’m armed.

they either have to come to grips with the freedoms of others, or meet my boot.

also, because it destroys the myth that conservatives/republicans find sex/nudity dirty. i don’t. i suspect some do on both sides of the fence.

and that’s easy to say because i don’t have a daughter, so what. my post. my site. my money. i’ll do what i want to.

February 8, 2006


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the night was sultry.

i had been ordered into the pampas to locate and liquidate my mark, the locally famous el gato. problem was, elgato was tired of speaking welsh, and wanted to make his debut on the international stage. he had taken to trafficking in human cargo.

unlike the typical slavers who trafficked in people, shipping them in cattle cars, semi-trailers, or the holds of merchant vessels, el gato was luring young ladies away from kiev with promises of lipstick and gum. the ukraine is having a few shortages it seems.

once they were safely off of the plane in buenos aires, el gato would pick them up in his personal stretch limo. drive them to his hotel next to the beach and steal their passports.

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