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December 28, 2005

Video Games

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Prince of Persia

so which is the best video game system?

i used ot have a super nintendo back in the day. we had some real battles playing madden…….92!

ah, the old twawsi house. we played madden for shots.

but then i bought a computer. and i started playing computer games instead. back in the day, after madden 92, i started playing civilization. yeah, the old one.

i was a pioneer.

then i started playing civilization2. i still like that game. it was really cool the way they (old microprose) compartmentalized everything in the game so that users could tweak it.

first they put out the game, then a scenarios cd. that included a bunch of scenarios for the game and a way to manage the scenarios you had.

finally they put out a fantastic worlds cd. that was a whole shit ton more of cool scenarios, and a scenario builder. it made things easy.

oh, a scenario was a battle scenario. the game just played from the beginning of time to around 2050 AD. take over the world! but scenarios let you slow time and limit technological advancement. so you could fight the napoleonic battles. world war 2. the civil war.

but the cool thing was that you’d get people from far away who would develop their own scenarios based on their ‘civil’ war. you could fight the pakistani war for independance, brought to you by mohammed in karachi. or a laotian defense from a vietnamese invasion from God only knows who.

free. coming across the internet. which was still new, and on a 28800 modem.

my 2 other favorite games are medieval total war. no, not the rome version. i don’t like that that much.

and my most favorite was x-com: apocolypse. i just loved hitting someone from the cult of sirius with a bazooka.

but i’m beginning to think about buying somekind of a gaming console.

i know people who have ALL of them. x-box. playstation. playstation2. gamecube.

i’m kind of waiting for x-box 360 to actually hit the shelves……

which one of them is the best? which one has the best games?


  1. I wouldn’t go for the XBox 360 yet, there’s nothing good for it and they’re still buggy. Pick up a PS2 or original XBox for cheap, then get Grand Theft Auto.

    Comment by medium john — December 29, 2005 @ 12:19 am

  2. i just started looking at the ps3. twice as powerful as an xbox 360, and 100% backwards compatability with ps2 and ps1. comes out in march….

    Comment by mlah — December 29, 2005 @ 3:15 pm

  3. i would go with a ps2 cause it has the most variety of games

    Comment by Jack — April 26, 2007 @ 1:58 pm

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