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December 30, 2005


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i’m telling y’all. squirrels are evil.

that damn geico commercial isn’t too far from the truth. i’ve declared war on squirrels now. having to dodge the damn things has almost landed me in the bushes for the last time.


they’re rats i tell you!

rats with good pr.

Sooner or Later

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i just watched the holiday bowl in san diego. i’m a huge college football fan. and the sooners are my team. oregon tried to make a comeback, but ou just managed to hold on. after losing their last two bowl games, which were national championship games, it was nice to see them win one again.

December 28, 2005

Video Games

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Prince of Persia

so which is the best video game system?

i used ot have a super nintendo back in the day. we had some real battles playing madden…….92!

ah, the old twawsi house. we played madden for shots.

December 26, 2005

Home Again

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well, i had a nice christmas. i mainly got things for my house. towels and nicknacks. my mom kept trying to give me more stuff.

i got one of my nieces a playstation2. so she was pretty happy. i got my other niece, who already has a ps2 a game. i got her dad one as well because he plays it as much as she does. so i picked him up some kind of racing game, and i got my 10 year old niece the prince of persia (the two thrones)

then when i was ready to wrap them i noticed the content rating on the back of prince of persia. it said extreme violence, and nudity.

so i had to switch those two.

December 24, 2005

Christmas Day

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Merry Christmas to everyone.

i’m safely tucked away in mom and dad’s house. eating christmas tacos, drinking a little big red plus. and watching football.

tomorrow will be the presents, as usual.

December 20, 2005


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watching the strike in nyc?

i’m just throwing out my position. just because i’m like that.

i hope they get fired. the whole bunch.

Karate Must Die

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yeah, i was in a DoD agency today. no, not the usual one i work for but a different one, so i was meeting new people.

and my coworker made some comment about tkd not being a martial art, but being a sport.

what a tard.

so i had to sit there for an hour and listen to three karate asshats tell me that i don’t know any martial arts, when truth be told, i’d have whipped all three at the same time if i felt like.

December 15, 2005


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Passion of the Christ

i’ve been thinking about tookie williams recently.

with his moving on and all.

founder of the crips. covicted of 4 murders. sentenced to death. executed after some 24 years in jail.

should he have been executed?

December 14, 2005

Skewed Reporting

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M Taylor and J Burch in Baghdad.

Above are M Taylor and J Burch. Baghdad Iraq.

i listen to the news and hear about how bad it is in iraq.

i read the news and hear about how bad it is in iraq.

i talk to soldiers and friends who have been there, and they tell me the reporting is really skewed.

you realize it is almost safer for a black male to be in the army in iraq, than it is for him to walk the streets of DC? that’s a little misleading, but not much.

December 13, 2005

Time Traveler

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y’all ever traveled in time?

i did over the weekend.

15 months ago i moved from crofton, maryland to san antonio. i don’t really miss anything except for my old taekwondo school

December 11, 2005

Home Again

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i took a long weekend up to md. i’m home aqgain with some interesting pictures and even more interesting stories.

i’d tell you now, but i’ve had around 5 hours of sleep in the last 2-3 days.

off to bed

December 7, 2005

Meet the Family 5

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Oglala Sioux warriors.

i’m going to to have to get some picture sof my great uncle and post them up at a later time. but today, as late as it is belongs to my great uncle whoim i am named after.

he’s like my grand dad, although i just call him uncle.

my grandfather died when my father was young and my grandfather’s brother, my dad’s uncle, and my great uncle took my dad out and introduced him to all the things that dad’s introduce their sons too in the great state of texas.

hunting, fishing, chasing hookers in mexico.

i don’t know about that last one. i’m just trying to increase my readership.

have i ever mentioned i was in the navy?

so was my uncle.

December 6, 2005


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so i’m really disappointed that i only garnered three comments from my pictorial expose’

i foresee doing one now with just hot chicks to compare the comments score.

December 3, 2005

A Pictorial Expose’

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this is my first attempt at a photopost. a lot of people run photoblogs. i thought i’d try to convey a point graphically.

and no, these aren’t my usual gratuitous pics of girls.

but those won’t stop either.

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