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November 8, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 8

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paolo’s go down!

i know y’all were eagerly awaiting my updates.

i missed week 6 while sitting in miami with no power due to wilma. last week i missed because i went to tkd practice and had forgotten to re-setup my satelite dish to record it.

paolo’s finished first in both races and supposedly got their act more together.

i say it was just an act.

another thing. earlier i wrote about how this race was a watered down version and wouldn’t leave the u.s.. well, cbs fooled us a little. the last two episodes went out of the country, but not off of the continent. episode 6 went to panama, and then episode 7 went to costa rica.

week 8 was two episodes back to back.

all of the teams hate the weavers. mom, two daughters and a son from florida. they’re a little on the religious side. not much more than me, but some. and their dad/husband did just die in a nascar event…. so i give them a little leeway.

bransens almost got eliminated. dad and three hot daughters. they in fact finsihed last in the first part of tonights little two parter.

so they lost everything except the clothes they were wearing, and their passports.

dad was cool. the first part ended in phoenix, so when they started the second leg tonight, they stopped at a casino and the daughters begged for cash. dad stayed a little distance off and let his daughters work it. SHAME!

they made cash like only hot girls can. a pretty smile and a pout.

roadblock: one member from each team got to fly an acrobatic plane and had to do a loop di loop. fun. i love some of the crap they have to do.

then they had to drive to the grand canyon (of course) for a clue, which took them to a dam.

detour: bale out a rowboat full of water or use a compass. most teams baled out the boat.

PAOLOs got lost on the way to the dam. and the they started coming apart at the seams.

after baling out the boat at the dam, they drove to lake powell and had to pick from some tin bass boats with an outboard to get them to a houseboat upriver for the pit stop.

godlewskis had a fast boat and passed the linz’s on the river. finished team 1 and won a motor home trailer thingy.

linz’s team two. will they ever finish 1?

weaver’s, the hated team finished 3.

bransens, who had to pimp out the girls at the beginning of the leg, finished 4.

paolo’s finished 5 and got eliminated.

man, when they were baling water, and they knew they were last…. the threats came out.

“i could kill you and leave your body here in the water. no one would ever find it” i think the dad said it.

sons yelling at mom. well, really just the mouthy son. the younger son is kind of cool.

they paid for their assholishness in costa rica. they departed first from the pit stop and had to fly to phoenix. there was a flight that was about to leave. asshole son got assholish with the desk clerk…… who closed the flight. mom correctly assessed the situation. he tried to be more polite and it lasted for about 5 minutes on the show.

dad, other than the fact he doesn’t jack slap asshole son for talking shit to mom is pretty cool. the guy’s a trash collector. hey, it’s honest work. and i think it has given him a good outlook on life. they were riding a wagon full of faggots…… er, sticks. mom was ok. just tired and along for the ride. dad was singing in spanish on the back. asshole son was embarrassed by dad.

i’m glad to see them go.

go bransen family. i’m hot for the daughters.


  1. I watched it last season and it was great, boston Rob and Ambuh were so damn funny!!!!

    Comment by CT — November 9, 2005 @ 12:54 am

  2. i hated those two!

    i was so happy when uchenna and joyce won.

    Comment by mlah — November 10, 2005 @ 12:04 am

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