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November 5, 2005

Doublespeak 1

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Hurt ME!

this is a new little series i’m starting.

as someone who has worked as a linguist for many years, i notice the subtleties people use when they select specific words in their arguments. sometimes they are out and out trying to deceive you.

it is very prevalent in liberal politics.

so i’m going to expose a few of the most obvious doublespeak arguments the liberal left uses when they tal about specific issues.

don”t worry, i’ll elabaorate as i go along.

let’s talk about health care.

right says no to socialized medicine. the left says yes. the left’s biggest argument for socialized medicine is “unequal access”. at least it’s the most frequently used argument i’ve heard used by the barking moonbats on the left (i refuse to give up using that moniker as a prejorative just because some people have adopted it.)

pretty obvious isn’t it?

Some random naughty nurse costume for Halloween

ACCESS. i can pretty much go anywhere and get health care. most of the time. though i am switching to bcbs because my doc does NOT accept aetna. so where am i denied? where is the denial of access that i’m overcoming? did i hurdle barriers, or charm the recptionist with my looks?

access. i just walk right in. so can they. say i want an appointment. so can they.

but if they don’t have insurance, they have to pay a lot more than a co-pay. they get the whole bill, and i think i make a little more than average. i’m lucky. but they CAN walk in and get seen.

ANYWHERE! just like i can. in actuality, everyone has the same access. that’s the beauty of a capitalistic economy. if you have the green, you get your way.

so ‘money’ is really the only thing keeping EVERYONE from getting all of the health care they want. i specifically did not use the word need. because the two are not the same.

the left is using the term ‘equal access’ instead of the truth. the truth is that not everyone can afford health care. it has nothing to do with access. don’t believe me? ask the left leaning person who next uses the term what the solution is to the unequal access. they will most likely repsond with some sort of a socialized medicine program. and what is a social program? a ‘government pays’ system of management. their solution to their lie of unequal access is a payment plan. government plan. but their solution is still just a matter of who pays. and that is the truth of the matter. the issue is who pays. not whether or not there is equal access.

socialized medicine is very simply put, a program for all of us, to pay for everyones health care. the left will say no. it means health care is free. but that is not true (and that is another piece of doublespeak right there, i’ll address that later) it means that the middle class will pay for the healthcare of the middle class, plus the poor

let’s face it, the rich have an army of sheister lawyers/accountants to ensure they take advantage of every tax loophole and pay as little as possible. and to also incorporate as many loopholes into every tax code there is. my opinion. (flat tax is a separate issue)

but the middle class, although they can afford most healthcare items, cannot afford lawyers/accountants to save them money on their modest taxes. so we are the ones who will pay. not just for ourselves, but also for the poor.

but they keep calling it unequal access. why? most of them aren’t stupid. well, maybe…..

when confronted with the truth, that anyone can indeed walk into my doctors office and get an appointment. that the real deciding issue is whether or not they can afford my doc. they will most commonly respond with, ‘you know what i meant’.

and the answer is yes, i do know what they meant.

what they actually mean, when they decry the current healthcare system as not granting equal access, is that there are a whole lot of people they think they can deceive into agreeing with them, by merely representing their desires as a deficiency in equal rights, not as the capitalist system working.

they think they can fool you by appealing to your emotions. they try to make you think that there is some sort of denial to the appointment book by citing unequal access. they try to make you think that doctors, clinics, or hospitals just refuse to see certain people. and they appeal to your emotions. they are trying to pull your heartstrings by lieing to you.

“those poor people just don’t have equal access”!


they so plainly do. they just can’t afford healthcare.


  1. LOL, I glad I can afford health care….

    Comment by CT — November 6, 2005 @ 3:30 am

  2. oh yeah and nice hot nurses, I just recently got shot down by a hot nurse… LOL

    Comment by CT — November 6, 2005 @ 3:30 am

  3. That’s your big expose’ on the left’s dastardly twisting of language?! The distinction you’re trying to make is super lame and doesn’t change any of the “facts on the ground”. Try tackling W’s Clear Skies or Healthy Forests initiatives next time, Orwell.
    I myself have never used the idea of access when thinking about healthcare. I just say “43 million Americans CAN’T AFFORD healthcare.” And that does tug on my heartstrings. In fact, I was one of the many uninsured for several years after college. I messed up my knee once running down the street with a dog, who got underfoot, and it took me ages to pay off the stinkin ER bill.

    I guess your larger issue is that you don’t want to see the middle class paying for the poor’s healthcare. Man, the system is much more fucked up than that. You know who the big Commies are that’re actively pushing for socialized health care? The Big 3 auto companies! They are losing their competitive edge because of their employee health plans (something like $1500 of every new car’s price goes in that pot).
    ER’s have to take anybody, whether they get reimbursed or not. So already you and I (or at least our insurers/HMO’s) are paying the cost of the uninsured’s unpaid ER visits that hospitals spread into their other services. Maybe if they had better care to begin with, things wouldn’t flare up so badly as to require major ER/inpatient care– I think the concept is called “A stitch (sometimes literally!) in time saves nine.”
    There would be significant cost savings by centralizing and social-izing.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — November 8, 2005 @ 10:56 pm

  4. you moron. you tripped your own fat ass over your own dog while jogging and you’re pissed that it took YOU so long to pay your own bill for your own asshatedness?

    hahahahahahahaha! pay. boy. and. enjoy. it!

    your case about ER room visits supports my claim. the uninsured poor go to ER rooms, and we pay. we shouldn’t. the fact that we are froced to is tantamount to economic slavery.

    that was my big case against liberal word tricks.? only the first example gussie gus.

    Comment by mlah — November 8, 2005 @ 11:12 pm

  5. It wasn’t my dog. And I’ve never been overweight, unlike someone I won’t name whose initials are DB.

    “and we pay. we shouldn’t. the fact that we are froced to is tantamount to economic slavery.”
    We should just let people die in the streets, huh? And you call yourself a Christian?! Apparently you’ve never read the Bible… Are there any elected officials who agree with you? Cuz I’m thinking they would never be re-elected. BTW, Repugnicans really tanked at the polls yesterday, hahaha!

    Comment by f-in_cheney — November 10, 2005 @ 4:46 am

  6. *barks at you*

    Affordability is access. If someone does not have two pennies to rub together, then they cannot access care. When they cannot access care, they are forced to put it off until they become (permanently) disabled.

    Which option is less-expensive and still respects our lovely culture-of-life?

    a.) Pay a piddling sum for health insurance to pay for the dude to have preventive care/diagnostics/medication for a (potential) heart problem

    b.) Pay for the increase in ER costs when the dude who has a heart condition ends up in the ER with a worse heart condition, which now prevents him from working. Now pay for medicare/charity/whatnot for the dude, his wife, and three children. Also have to pay in societal terms when the children are now neglected during the day because the wife has to go back to work (or get a second job) to support the family because Dude can’t work.

    c.) Let the dude die, screw his wife and children- they can prostitute themselves on a street corner, for all we care.

    Hah! Is that barking-enough moonbattery for you? 😉

    But seriously- what costs less?

    Comment by moonbatty — November 14, 2005 @ 1:01 pm

  7. y’all were saying something here? sorry, distracted by the nurse….

    Comment by yup — November 15, 2005 @ 1:49 pm

  8. Heya, Moonbatty, chinny, how about telling me WHY IT IS MY PROBLEM.

    I spend a lot of my time and money volunteering and taking care of people, and I make it my business to do so. Anyone who wants medical care can get it. period. Don’t like to pay the bill? Tough shit. I manage to find a way to pay MY bills. I have $4500 last year alone in medical bills that my insurance didn’t pay. The hospital had no trouble collecting from me. I paid my bill. No,I didn’t have the money, at all. I worked a side job to pay my bills. And as for socialized medicine, Chinny, go to Canada. Where there is socialized medicine. And where people who have any kind of serious ailment at all go to the UNITED STATES to get treated. Or, as in the case of THREE OF MY SISTERS IN LAW, you just die. yep, that’s a great answer. Go there. Please. Soon.

    And take Moonbatty with you. You make such a lovely couple.

    Comment by og — November 15, 2005 @ 3:47 pm

  9. i answered moonbatty in a private email. i think i’ll post my response up here for y’all.


    affodability is access? am i denied equal access to scores in ny because i
    don’t have a grand for a lap dance? all of those posh restaurants? am i
    being denied equality because i can’t afford to eat there?

    how about yale?

    money is money. and as long as those establishments INCLUDING hospitals
    accept anyone based on green and not on skin. they are equal access.

    YOUR lovely culture of life. please stop equating your values with me. my
    lovely culture of life involves everyone working and PAYING. you cannot
    use one sociasl program as justification for another. you do realize
    that’s what you are doing?

    forcing emergency rooms to care for anyone IS socialized medicine. it is
    little more than a well veiled attempt to socialize healthcare by deceipt.
    you enable socialized healthcare, and then decry it’s expensiveness as
    justfication to expand the program? NOOOOOOOOO! cancel the emergency room
    freebies and it will be less expensive.

    spare me the sob story about caring for people. they don’t care for me.

    social programs dehumanize people by taking away their liberty. social
    programs are the path to totalitarinism. plus they are inefficient and
    wastefull and increase the costs of the programs, and decrease the level
    of expertise in the people involved. eventually the programs fail because
    everyone is waiting for the free stuff.

    common tactic for the left is to label their pogroms… i mean programs
    (yeah i meant that) as humane, and any opposition as inhumane. i think
    your programs are inherently evil. they lead down the proverbial path with
    good intentions……..

    in short. i think you have been duped by shortsighted politicians who
    don’t give a rats behind about the state of healthcare, so long as they
    get elected. FREE healthcare is how they buy the votes of the stupid.

    nothing is free. i’m tired of paying. socialized medicine will lead to
    huge abuses of the system that do not exist when it is pay of your own
    pocket. don’t believe me? look at the great workers paradise of the the
    old soviet union. abused healthcare full of incompetant workers.

    then ask yourself why everyone from around the world comes here for

    because we have the best.

    Comment by mlah — November 15, 2005 @ 10:54 pm

  10. Comment by ilovecress — November 23, 2005 @ 10:17 am

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