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November 29, 2005

Doublespeak 2

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gay marriage

i wrote about my position on gay marriage pretty firmly here. so i won’t rehash it too much here.

this isn’t really about gay marriage after all, but about the doublespeak lefties use to try and demonize the right.

November 23, 2005

Arrested Texas Style!

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does deterrance work?

we have the death penalty here in texas, as most states do. and as is specifically provided for in the constitution.

lefties like to say that capital punishment is nothing more than state sponsored revenge. but righties like to say that it will disuade future potential criminals from commiting crimes.

November 21, 2005

Role Playing

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Muslim Chicks

this post should be included in politics and religion, but i chose to place it in politics only, because that is apparently where the 9th circuit court has placed islam.

apparently they don’t think it counts as a religion.

November 20, 2005

TexMex in Turkey

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nice try mark.

i like the way you threw out the disagreement and then immediately try to not let me answer by demanding a drinking story.

didn’t want to let me repsond huh? typical tactic of the left. state their position as fact and then change the subject in a simple attempt to convince people by allowing no dissenting voices be heard.

your socialized medicine program ‘seems to work’. at HUGE cost. even f-in cheney laments the money spent on VA hospitals. communist that he is. socialized medicine and all. although i think he really is upset that he would actually be required to show balls and sign on the dotted line to qualify himself.

fat chance.

so here’s your f-in drinking story. kram.

November 15, 2005

More on Doublespeak 1

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so people disagree with me. some absolutely refuse to believe/admit that there is a difference between not being able to afford something and being denied access to something.

more than 2.


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yeah, i’ve been delinquent.

i went to Corpus Christy this weekend and watched a tkd tourny. they let the little ones here go full contact here.

to the head.

that may not be the actual rule, but the rules were so laxly applied that you could pretty much do anything short of injury. the old basketball addage seemed to apply. no blood no foul.

i say that because one kid was actually about to be disqualified ofr knocking out a tooth! yikes. but the toothless one remarked that it was the last of his baby teeth and that he wanted to keep fighting.

so they didn’t disqualify the other, and the kid who could have won by DQ lost the match.

tough little kid.

one of our 9 year olds knocked out another 9 y.o. black belt.

sweet kick. left leg roundhouse right to the jaw.

realizing the laxness of the rule enforsement, i pulled up a foldy chair next to the 12-16 year old ring and beheld the spectacle from up close. i actually caught one girl in the air, and threw her back in the ring.

she was so into the match that i don’t think she even realized i caught her, and put her back.

i love this shit.

November 8, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 8

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paolo’s go down!

i know y’all were eagerly awaiting my updates.

i missed week 6 while sitting in miami with no power due to wilma. last week i missed because i went to tkd practice and had forgotten to re-setup my satelite dish to record it.

paolo’s finished first in both races and supposedly got their act more together.

November 5, 2005

Doublespeak 1

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Hurt ME!

this is a new little series i’m starting.

as someone who has worked as a linguist for many years, i notice the subtleties people use when they select specific words in their arguments. sometimes they are out and out trying to deceive you.

it is very prevalent in liberal politics.

so i’m going to expose a few of the most obvious doublespeak arguments the liberal left uses when they tal about specific issues.

don”t worry, i’ll elabaorate as i go along.

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