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October 18, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 4

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the paolo family lived yet another week.

and my favorite team, the schroeders finished last and got eliminated.

Schroeder Family

so the race. the started in bama and had to go to some giant chair for a clue. might seem a bit hokie but i like clues like this. makes people use a map and gives the teams a chance to spread out. they drove around bama and mississippi for a while and then had to got to talladega

in talladega they had to ride a 4 person bike for one lap which was more than 2.5 miles.

then they had to find the ‘southern colonel’ in hattiesburg. i think it was hattiesburg. the southern colonel was a mobile home sales outlet. they had to stay the night in a mobile home!

i liked that. the little gaghan rugrat girl didn’t like the homes, because they were ‘evil’. now i don’t like her.

one of my sisters lives in a double wide.

the paolos actually started pulling their shit together. although they still fought like …. well, they fought like paolos. how can that guy yell at his mom like that? and how come dad doesn’t give him a backhand for it?

they had staggered the leave times in the morning.

first thing they had to find a specific bp station and get their next clue from les. then they had to drive to a louisiana state park, and either use a two person saw to cut through a log 4 times, or win 3 hands at blackjack in a row.

most cut the logs.

next step was to cross the worlds longest bridge over lake pontchartrain, go to new orleans and a specific jazz club for the pit stop.

bransens won again!

schroeders, who are actually from new orleans, finished last.


i didn’t think there would be any way they would eliminate someone tonight. i was waiting to see if they took everything form the teams like in the real race.

the schroeders, who are from new orleans didn’t do tell well in katrina’s aftermath. i just did some googling and found out that they did evacuate, when the call was put out. Dad is an architect, so i think they’re a little better off than most, but it is never easy when you lose your house, everything in it, and two cars.

turns out they did the snatch and grab pack, stuffed their amazing race bags with clothes and drove to shreveport, where the rogers family lives. the rogers put them up for more than 2 weeks. very decent, and southern of them.

when they got to survey their house for the first time, it was full of mold from standing water. the only things they salvaged were some pictures that were hung above the water line.

and dad schroeder actually painted a picture he called ‘venetian new orleans’. seems we have the same idea. but he actually had the idea BEFORE katrina hit.

but the schreoders were last and got booted. sad day. i was a little sweet on the girl.

and the paolos finished second!

next week paolos! next week you are going down!

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  1. you may be obsessed!!!

    Comment by CT — October 20, 2005 @ 2:00 am

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