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October 11, 2005

The Light Fantastic

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i was on the monterey (cg-61) in ’93.

we hit a lot of ports and did a lot of things.

seems like we spent a lot time in the adriatic too.

whenever we were in the adriatic, i got put on mids. the orientations of my skills dictated that i worked the mid shift.

oh well.

after we visited haifa, israel we headed back to the adriatic. we drove in circles and made sure that no commercial ships broke the u.n. embargo.

it was boring as shit. especially for me.

one day, as we neared the adriatic. and i was nearing the end of my double shift, i took a break and went out on the starboard break. for you non-sailors types, that means i went out on the right side of the ship, at a point where there was a ‘break’ in the structure. ie, now you’re inside, now you’re outside.and i went outside.

it was the end of my 24 hour doubleshift, and it was real close to dawn.

we were headed north, just to the right of the heel of italy. and it was dark out. sea dark. darker than country dark. and that means there were around 20 times as many stars in the sky.

sea stars are the best. it’s just indescribable. it’s like half of the night sky is star.

but dawn was coming too.and no doubt that red glow was starting in the east.

but i couldn’t see it.

albania was to our east. and albania is mountainous. so teh mountains were blocking out the red. and all that was left of the presunrise was this really pretty purple/blue glow that was highlighting the mountains of albania.

the mountains were black. plain dead black. with little pockets of light on the low parts. little small towns with a stray car going in between here and there.

with purple in the back.

and the sea stars.

the sea was calm.

that’s one of my fondest memories of being in the navy.

seeing the sunrise over albania of all places.


  1. that sounds so pretty.
    i always conveniently forget my camera during those moments.
    though maybe it was one of those moments that can’t be captured by a camera?

    Comment by kiddo — October 12, 2005 @ 11:28 am

  2. not allowed. i doubt a camera would have captured it, but any kind of light emission on the weather deck of a warship is apt to land you in the brig.

    Comment by mlah — October 12, 2005 @ 7:37 pm

  3. thats awesome man…

    Comment by CT — October 14, 2005 @ 2:00 am

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