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October 11, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 3

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the paolo family is going down tonight! i can just feel it! yeah, i just checked the website and the paolo family has a 72 percent vote for the next to be eliminated

well, they started in virginia and had to fly down to charleston first thing. from dulles. they had an equalizer at the airport, as they started early int the morning, like around 2-5 am, and then the first flights were at 8:30.

they all pretty much arrived in s.c. within 30 minutes of each other.

detour. go mudding in a jeep, or de-head 200 pounds of shrimp.

the 200 pounds of shrimp sounds like the long choice, as the mudding consisted of driving around 100 yeards through a mud pit, coming out of it, and driving back through. make it all the way and you’re done. took the aiello family around 14 tries.

from there, they caught one of two chartered buses to mobile, alabama. space center. roadblock, which meant that 2 members had to do the task.

in this case they had to ride the centrifuge until it hit 3.2 g’s. nobody had any problem. but it was first come first serve, and only one team could do it at a time. and it took a while.

after the centrifuge, you had to go to a computer room and logon to aol to see phil’s video clue.

go to the space shuttle pathfinder for the pit stop.

bransen family won. now usually, the team that wins a leg of the race, wins a prize. early on they gave away digital cameras and the like. not tonight. tonight a new sponsor gave something away. bp. british petroleum gave away free gas to every member of the team with a drivers license. 4 people got free gas. how much?

free gas for LIFE! ….. and that, my friends shocked me! free f’n gas for LIFE! holy crap!

aiello family was last. and got eliminated.

paolo family lives on. i was hoping they would get passed while walking in the space center. it was big, and the mom is not in good shape. but i don’t think anyone got passed from the centrifuge to the pit stop. once they pulled their order for the centrifuge, they pulled the order they finished in.

previews for next week showed one of the godlewski sisters crying, and the race car family crying because they’re going to have to go to talladega. their dad/husband died in a nascar wreck.

next week paolo. next week, you’re going down!

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  1. LOL…

    Comment by CT — October 14, 2005 @ 2:01 am

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