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October 31, 2005

All Hallow’s Eve

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so tonight, halloween 2005, the mlah household was giving away my usual full chocolate bar.


October 28, 2005

Flying Home

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home at last.

i’m going for mexican food.

October 26, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 5

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well, i missed the amazing race week 5 last night due to power loss.

Wilma Went!

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forgive me if this is scattered. i have pics and will post them as i can. they’re in my phone and i have to get them into my computer first.

sunday night.

the wind slowly picked up steam. i’m in a hotel and my room faces a little courtyard with the pool. third floor. i was up pretty much all sunday night watching the storm roll in.

the palm trees were going nuts in the courtyard. and it was PROTECTED in the courtyad. no way was i going out looking for a picture of the outside. i heard that there were 100 mph wins in miami. with gusts of 115. i think the eyewall passed around 10 miles north of me.

October 23, 2005

Wilma Cometh

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it’s sunday and the hurricane looms large. fortuneately, wilma is only supposed to be a cat 2 storm when it hits florida, and she is supposed to go across the peninsula very quickly.

i’ve made some preps locally. i saw good ole jeb on tv and he cautioned that everyone should be able to food and water themselves for 72 hours. easily done, but i fly out of here on friday, so i don’t want to buy too much.

so i bought some fruit, and some sandwich stuff. if i lose power, the sandwich stuff is expendable. and if i don’t eat it by friday, it is trashable.

bought a case of water. 24 bottles. that’s 8 a day, if we lose water. i’m going to fill some pots and pans anyway.

lunch today. mark, who is in curacao, insisted i go to hooters and drink beer. so i did this afternoon. had a couple of beers, and ogled the vixen below.

October 22, 2005

Whoop Dat Ass!

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every once in a while, kids just need a good tanning.

and no. i’m not talking about the fun kind of spankings. i actually thought i might find a pic of a spanking on google.some little kid running form a belt wielding mom. those pictures aren’t on google. don’t google spanking in the images section.

October 21, 2005


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Cindy Shehan grieves

how many of you actually believe that cindy shehan is grieving?

October 20, 2005


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Hurricane Wilma


for those of you who haven’t heard, or have forgotten. yes, i am still in miami.

October 18, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 4

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the paolo family lived yet another week.

and my favorite team, the schroeders finished last and got eliminated.

October 17, 2005

Search Results

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i really love seeing what search strings bring people to my site

October 16, 2005

Redneck Chicken!

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oh yeah!

rednecks do do things a little bit differently than the rest of the world, now don’t we?!

Katrina Recap

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things I have learned from watching the TV news during the last two months

go ahead gus, sit down, get your mountain dew and a three muskateers and get ready to start writing!

October 15, 2005

Breaking Treaties

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ok. i met this girl at work who shall remain nameless. she’s a flaming liberal and we had some ‘discussions’ about things.

she has a masters in international relations or some such thing and felt she had a better handle on things than me

and we all know i am NEVER wrong.

October 11, 2005

Amazing Race 8 Week 3

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the paolo family is going down tonight! i can just feel it! yeah, i just checked the website and the paolo family has a 72 percent vote for the next to be eliminated

The Light Fantastic

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i was on the monterey (cg-61) in ’93.

we hit a lot of ports and did a lot of things.

seems like we spent a lot time in the adriatic too.

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