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September 25, 2005


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Bourbon Street

y’all know i was hoping rita would hit new orleans?

careful gus, before you start with your condemnations of heartlessness.

first, new orleans was already evacuated. for the most part. there were only a few lingerers, and a few returnees. but for the most part, there was the least amount of human capital for rita to destroy, in new orleans.

second. disaster relief infrastructure was already in place in new orleans (finally).

third. i think we are setting ourselves up for an eternal battle of hurricane destruction/rebuild by trying to prevent nature from taking it’s course. i know every city on the east coast is subject to a hurricane.

but only new orleans is below sea level.

and water did the most damage there. the failure of the dykes is what destroyed new orleans. initially, after katy-anne had passed, new orleans had received a substantial amount of mostly superficial damage. probably about like houston is exhibiting now.

but when the levee breaks (cue zeppelin) the water rushed in and not only destroyed everything, it trapped those people in their attacks, and directly led to most of the deaths involved.

IMHO anyway.

so, instead of just trying to cast blame and hatred on bush for something he clearly had no control over (a hurricane). i’m going to make a suggestion as to a solution.

now mind you. i can’t prevent hurricanes. no one can. so new orleans would still be subject to future hurricanes. i’m just looking to mitigate the damage.

primarily the flooding.

simple answer. simple solution.

knock the dykes down.

yep. flood new orleans. fill that undersea level bowl with water now.

most of new orleans would be submerged. but not the french quarter. which is the historic tourist generating section of town.

so here come the objections.

what about the people who would lose everything? what about rebuilding the city.

easy. the people who would lose everything, already HAVE. why are we bound to try and restore them to the same spot, only to get flooded again. (nature will find a way). so, the fed govt decalres eminent domain and compensates them for their property. virtually the whole city. then the fed sells the land (now submerged) to developers. who rebuild the city.

rebuilding the city when it is submerged.

did you see the title to this post?

an american venice.

flood new orleans and build IN the water. build great buildings in the water. causeways. bridges over the water to connect the city.

it’ll only increase the tourism. i’ll go. wouldn’t y’all?

and when the next huirricane comes. the flood may hit, but with it’s passing, the water will RECEDE. and the flood will go away.

there is a historic opportunity here. i hope we don’t miss it for expediency.

and hopefully, no one will get caught in their attics again.

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  1. I actually like this solution! It will cost up front to pay off the citizens for relocating to higher ground (but as Mlah points out, we’re already paying them off for their losses, anyway). But it takes care of the problem of the next floods to hit New Orleans. Or maybe we should invest untold billions into inventing a global weather control network….that would certainly make the Kyoto freaks happy. (Perhaps it could have the side benefit of global mind control as well, to prevent anymore war?)

    What about New York City, which is the 5th most likely city in our country to suffer from a similar flood disaster? Anyone for moving Wall Street to the Catskills? Brooklyn to the Hamptons? Gus?

    Comment by yup — September 28, 2005 @ 3:22 am

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