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September 24, 2005


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rita did affect me.

not only did it come rolling through miami while i was here. but it made things bad enough in san antonio that they canceled our tournament.

my school hosts the south texas open every year. this year it was …. today! but because san antonio was an evacuation point, san antonio college refused to let us use the usual gym.

they thought they might need it as a shelter.

that’s all fine and dandy.

bad thing is that SAC, san antonio college made that call before knowing that the gym was, in fact, needed. so friday morning they told our school to host it somewhere else, as if we could make a change that quickly. then they called back yesterday afternoon and said, sure you can use the gym.

we had already called everyone and told them to cancel.

a few people had canceled anyway. traffic was out of control and people from corpus just didn’t want to try and drive through houston.

can’t blame them.

far reaching storm. glad it didn’t do as much damage as it did to new orleans.

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