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September 16, 2005

The Blame Game

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Bourbon Street

Holywriter made an interesting comment. he asserts that everyone is playing the blame game.

and i think he’s pretty much correct.

pretty sad isn’t it?

i wasn’t posting during the aftermath. my software was still down (and by the way, redpin, my webserver people fixed it for me) at the time. and i wish i had been.

after katrina passed, i remember watching the news very interestedly. waiting to see what the storm surge would do. i was really interested to see if the levee’s would hold.

then the levee broke (que zeppelin) and i was amazed to see the city fill. i knew it was below see level. i went to senior nationals in new orleans in 2003 and had the privilege of standing at the convention center and looking at the levee. knowing fully well that the water line was above my head.

but after it filled. i waited for the authorities and ngo’s to come pouring in.

they never came the second day. or the third.

Gwyneth Paltrow

i’ve lost count in the the yelling about recriminations as to the actual timeline. i don’t really care.

here’s my take.

fema is broke, and performed poorly. i could point a finger at the governor for not requesting help earlier, or the mayor of nawlins. or dubya.

but plain and simple. the system didn’t work in this case.

and i’m speaking pretty much about new orleans alone. everywhere else you hear about didn’t descend into anarchy.

law prevailed everywhere else.

now first off. i want to give fema some credit. all of the accusations about fema turning away supplies, actually turned out to be fema reallocating them. moving the water, food, and fuel where it was more desperately needed.

but not enough.

the tardiness of the help in new orleans is inexcusable. i was shocked to hear that the superdome was lawless. that authorities had abandoned it days earlier.

authorities opened it as refuge and then fled themselves? inexcusable.

when the convoy of buses and military vehicles finally went rolling into the parking lot of the superdome, my first thought was ‘about fucking time’.

our disaster response was unsat.

now i want to say some things to all of the yahoos blaming dubya, the gop, or the democrats for that matter. let’s face it, louisiana is a democrat state. run by democrats, not wanting gop federal help. i don’t care. it was lawless and needed fixing. so how about a big ole cup of shut the fuck up?

ultimately it’s our fault. all of us. all of the politicians are put there one way or the other by each of us. loyal minority included.

about the only people i could excuse from blame are the moonbat fringe anarchists.

but they would have done worse.

now, gwyneth. you need a spanking, and a trip to tora bora. i always find it amusing when novices try to reason military matters. really mz paltrow. our assets were diverted to iraq? our govt abandoned louisianna by moving our assets to iraq? (smack number one on her ass). what exactly do you think an m1-a1 abrams main battle tank is going to do against a flood?

Matthew McConaughey and his buddy

oh you mean the personnel? they could have helped? (smack number two on her ass) those people trained to kill enemies and insurgents? and to fix the tank? maybe they could have driven the tank into a levee and plugged it?

(smack number three on her ass) just because i wanted to.

racism. i think there may well have been some. but i think it reared it’s ugly head on all sides of the racial divide when law broke down. i don’t believe fema, the national guard, or the govt is guilty of it.

those asshat police officers from gretna are guilty of it. whatever they say. after law broke down, they were little more than a gang themselves. and just for you gus, no. they weren’t govt officals. not after martial law was declared.

i hate the united way. they use gestapo tactics to solicit donations. i’ll never give them another penny. i hated them when they tried the strong arm on me in 85. i’ve never given them a penny since. nor will i. american red cross, sure.

now. sean penn. i don’t like your politics. i disagree with you on most every political issue i’ve ever heard you espouse an opinion. but i admire you going there. i admire you actually putting your butt into the boat and trying. but oh, please take gwyneth with you next time, and when the boat starts to sink, remind her that tank crews know NOTHING about boats. they would have been no help. i don’t like his views, but having been there, i acknowledge that he has a leg to stand on. although i’m not so sure it was a selfless act. i suspect he may have had ulterior motives.

matthew mcconaughey, you too. i agree with you more often about things, except on your love for the longhorns, (i’m a sooners fan). for those of you who didn’t see, matt went to new orleans and just rescued dogs. he figured he’d leave the people to the pros (which SHOULD have been a safe assumption) and save man’s best friend. same thing as sean penn. he put his butt into a boat in the offal soup. my hat is off to him. selfless act.

lastly, i feel guilty for hoping the saints play their games in san antonio. i want to go.

for you politicians, quit throwing crap at each other. there’s enough of that in the water already.

and one last swat for mz paltrow.


  1. Methinks you are enjoying this far too much.

    Comment by og — September 16, 2005 @ 7:35 pm

  2. “fema is broke, and performed poorly”
    Hmm, who in the world could have broken it…?

    “i was shocked to hear that the superdome was lawless.”
    Slightly more understandable when you factor in the lack of electricity (i.e. light) inside it, which is shocking itself.

    “now i want to say some things to all of the yahoos blaming dubya, the gop, or the democrats for that matter. let’s face it, louisiana is a democrat state. run by democrats, not wanting gop federal help. i don’t care. it was lawless and needed fixing. so how about a big ole cup of shut the fuck up?”
    What the fuck are you saying here? The first sentence makes me think you are chastising anybody playing the Blame Game, but then you seem to leave it all on the Dems’ doorstep. Or am I misreading your spasmodic prose? The state didn’t want federal help– since when?! You crazy. “Of course as a delegation, we’ve voiced our concerns with the level of funding from the administration,” said William J. Jefferson, D-La. “This year we were $50 million short of what we thought we needed for hurricane protection.”
    And maybe it’s historically been more Democratic, but today LA has 1 Repub Senator, 1 Dem Senator, 5 Repub Reps, and 2 Dem reps. The Dems are conservative as far as Dems go.

    I didn’t hear what Gwenyth said. If it was that many of LA’s Nat’l Guard troops were in Iraq, then she was right. They are supposed to be a state resource during natural disasters. Along with their high-water trucks, as I understand it.

    “ultimately it’s our fault. all of us. all of the politicians are put there one way or the other by each of us. loyal minority included.”
    Everybody who kept lapping up tax cuts and an elective war, anyway. Eveybody who thinks starving the beast of government is a swell idea. And the FEMA head was appointed by W, buddy.

    “and just for you gus, no. they weren’t govt officals. not after martial law was declared.”
    Were they the ones who wouldn’t let any people cross the bridge? Are you saying they weren’t representing their town’s gov’t because NO was under martial law? But aren’t they a separate town? I don’t really care, you are right, they were asshats.

    And yes, THANK YOU, for defending SPenn’s actions. You are right that at least he jumped into the fray, unlike a lot of the people bitching about him (and Oprah, too).

    So, dude, tell us about what’s been happening in San Antone, Katrina-wise!!

    Comment by f'in-cheney — September 17, 2005 @ 12:33 am

  3. “now i want to say some things to all of the yahoos blaming dubya, the gop, or the democrats for that matter. let’s face it, louisiana is a democrat state. run by democrats, not wanting gop federal help. i don’t care. it was lawless and needed fixing. so how about a big ole cup of shut the fuck up?”
    What the fuck are you saying here? First it looks like you’re chastising anyone who’s playing the Blame Game, but then you seemingly lay it all on the Dems’ doorstep, unless I’m reading your spasmodic prose incorrectly.
    Louisiana has 1 Dem senator, 1 Repub senator, 2 Dem reps, and 5 Repub reps. And a Dem governor. Sounds about even to me. And what the hell does “not wanting gop federal help” mean? That’s total bullshit.
    That’s nice of you to stick up for SPenn even though you disagree with him. Many people ranting against him (and against Oprah) certainly haven’t got off their asses and lent a hand.
    Gwenyth Paltrow is right, this place is going to the dogs. Things aren’t so dog-eat-dog in Europe, and the fundamentalist Christians are such a big influence.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — September 17, 2005 @ 10:21 am

  4. i admire sean penn for going. i don’t like his policizing a natural disaster. i never said anything about oprah. she gets a big cup of shut the fuck up too.

    local officials never like federal involvement in local affairs. only well after the fact, did the city and state orgs start requesting federal aid. what was it? day 4?

    i think more than just new orleans was under martial law. including gretna.

    the fundamentalist christians were a huger influence a long time ago. things were ok then. how about now? going to the dogs? where’s that fundamental associative property from elemnetary school math?

    wake up gus.

    Comment by mlah — September 17, 2005 @ 4:44 pm

  5. “the fundamentalist christians were a huger influence a long time ago. things were ok then.”
    When are you talking about? I don’t think they’ve had so much power since, like, the Puritans in Olde New England. And things were definitely not “ok then”.

    Comment by f-in_cheney — September 18, 2005 @ 12:21 pm

  6. Now, did you use a leather paddle for that spanking, or was it your hand?

    Don’t get me started…I’d have to spank a whole bunch of people!

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — September 20, 2005 @ 10:19 pm

  7. Hmmm. Initial findings from an independent investigation on the floods (which the Army Corps of Civil Engineers has now asked to join) has indicated that the DESIGN of the levees was the problem. Not the amount of monies spent on the levees under the corrent administration, not the proposed/unfunded/in-progress upgrades. The basic design. So where does that leave us? The levees were designed in the 1960s, right? So it’s all the fault of those who were in charge back then? What shall we do, send Grampa to the salt mines for causing this disaster?

    If it is a design problem, Gus, your specious argument that it’s W’s fault by virtue of his “elective war” and eggregious tax cuts remains — specious. Your position has no grounding in reality regardless. However, Gus, you seem to champion the Castro solution, whereby the government uses force to evacuate citizens from their homes at the decision of the central government. Would you still be so staunch in this view if the central government used such powers to sift through your home at random in search of items deemed harmful to the society, such as your treasured stash of Xtasy pills, your gay porn collection, or your library of political writings? Would you be all for the government sending you for social education in a lovely immersion training center (known more commonly as a gulag)?

    Where does the responsibility for the prevention of such a disaster lie? With the idiots who built a town below sea level? With the political machine who had complete control of the local government for decades, including the time the levees in question were built? With the state and local governments who did not place enough monies into upkeep, instead relying on the Federal goverment to pick up the bill so they could pocket all their graft?

    Where does the Federal government come into this picture? Do you ascribe to the Federal government the right to declare potential harm to people/property sufficient cause to take control of a situation? Would you acceed to such Federal government solutions as abandoning the location of “New Orleans” — razing the city so that it no longer exists except as an archeological zone — and relocating it elsewhere less subject to flooding? Would you acceed to forced relocation of the thousands of families on a permanent basis (easy now, since most have already been transported out of the disaster area)? What powers do you ascribe to the Federal government to solve the underlying problem of floods in New Orleans?

    Should the Federal government divert billions to upgrading/replacing the levee system in New Orleans at the cost of foreign aid to Africa, Iraq, Indonesia, etc? Should we cut social programs like school-lunch, after-school youth programs, welfare, social security or some such to pay for the project? Should we cut even more money from the military to do it? While at the same time making the military responsible for responding to all these natural disasters and domestic terrorist threats? Do we disengage from the global society, pull all our troops home and ignore the rest of the world so we can better police our own society? Or do we take ever more money from the working citizenry so that we can pay for all these programs and more? Do we punish citizens for achieving economic success with their lives by making them live on the same pay that the ‘average’ American makes (that means wealth redistribution, Gus), thus taking from the the reward for achieving that success? (And don’t forget, Gus, that as a member of the technical elite of our society, you will be among those targeted by such taxes.) How then, Gus, do we solve these problems?

    As for the National Guard — yes, it is subject to control by the Governor under the state’s military department for responding to state emergencies. However, by virtue of Federal monies spent in training and equipping these soldiers, they are an adjunct to the Federal military. (And I believe the Civil War would be precedent enough to prevent any State from raising its own military without Federal controls.) Subject to National Command Authority, i.e., the President. They can be called up in times of National emergency to serve their military role. As they are currently doing with Iraq, as they did in WWI and WWII and Korea.

    Now, I agree with the sentiment that our government should not ever have allowed the chaos that ensued in New Orleans, but I question how this could have been done. Even in the great Socialist Democracies like France and the Netherlands, there are “no go” zones where the local police forces will not enter to enforce law and order for fear of lethal violence to themselves, not to mention fear of kicking off riotous behavior by the inhabitants. Ironically, most of these areas are Muslim neighborhoods. So if even the “advanced democracies” you admire so much, Gus, could have problems keeping order within their societies, how so should ours?

    I am curious to see whether Gus can even read through this and answer me some serious questions with thoughfulness. Or is he among the throng of unthinking hate-spouters like the membership of

    Comment by yup — September 25, 2005 @ 1:08 pm

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