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September 13, 2005

Mission Impossible

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el Catedral de Seville


i’m in miami. if i had my scanner, i’d draw you a pic.

you absoultely must take rebecca to this restaurant. and do not tell her in advance, do not tell her i told you. just go, and reap the benefits.

you’ll be glad you did.

rent a car and go to seville.

in the evening, go to the catedral. you can go in the aftrenoon too to see it. most of cortes’ spoils went to various clergy as bribes at this catedral, so it is chock full of ill gotten aztec gold.

plus, half of it is an old captured moorish mosque. it’s an orange grove now. beautiful. you’ll love it. so see it in the day too.

plus, the torre de oro (tower of gold) is there. and it’s your first clue. an old spanish king made a bet with a mistress, and his end was riding his horse to the top. he lost the bet and had the steps inside the tower paved. they had to kill the horse to get it out.

in the evening. go to the torre de oro at the catedral. stand in front of it. turn around 180 degrees. you will be standing in a big courtyard. cars drive around it. off to your left there is a street.

and almost right in front of you, a little bit to the right, will be a street with a slight grade up. it is lined with trees. some of them orange i think.

go up this street.

go around 100 yards and the street bends to the left a little. around 10-15 degrees. keep going. about another 100 yards.

the street is lined with various restaurants, and shops. do not let rebecca distract you! hold true to your quest. you will be rewarded.

after a total of around 200 yards, the street will bend hard left. HARD left. this is where you turn. at the hard left bend, there is an alley to the right going down. GO! around 15 yards on the right you will see an eerie pink glow on your right in a doorway. unless they’ve painted a different color.


the name is something involving san miguel. like ‘el campero de san miguel’. don’t hold me to that name.

this restaurant IS still there.

they will see your lovely white skin and try to tell you they have no tables. they LIE! they’ve tried this on me before. they just want to get rid of los griegos (we’re all greek to them). say fine, i’ll wait. then stand right up in front of the line and be as much of a hassle as you can.

while you are standing there. you will see the pleasures that await.

not only is this a nice italian (sorry, but you WILL eat here) restaurant, like salmon on a bed of spinach pasta, alfredo. with caviar sprinkled atop.

but those are semantics.

this restaurant is a an old moorish bath. you will get to eat in an old arched alcove. it’s amazing!

drinking chianti, eating good pasta, enjoying the company of good friends in the evening in seville! some of my best memories of spain happened in this restaurant.

you will go here. you will take rebecca.

you will not fail!

and when you’re done, you’ll go back to the catedral, on the back of right side with the moorish orange grove, there is an irish bar. ‘flaherty’s’. have a drink there.


  1. What’s this all about? Is someone going to be popping the question soon??


    Comment by Blondie — September 17, 2005 @ 6:04 pm

  2. Nope, Blondie. My wife and I were in Spain last week and were planning to go to Sevilla. Unfortunately, our toddler didn’t agree with those plans, so we never made it to this place Mlah recommends. Did get to Cordoba, though…. Next trip there, I promise, Mlah!

    Comment by yup — September 25, 2005 @ 12:22 pm

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