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August 21, 2005

Gaza Strip

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The Gaza Strip

a long long time ago, on a continent way far away, i sat o’grady’s irish pub in rota, spain.

this is kind of a long post for such a short point.

patrick o’grady often discussed misc. crap in my drunken stupor.

on a quick side note. when pub o’grady’s first opened, it was opened by two irish gentlemen. patrick o’grady, and eoin (pronounced owen). i think eoin’s last name was o’grady as well.

when the pub first opened, we all began to immediatley call it just plain ‘irish bar’ because of course pat and eoin were real irish. not american irish like me (i’m mixed) but irish irish. also tracy, eoin’s girlfriend was real irish as well. she worked uptown in bar california, and worked in the irish bar when she was off.

but when it first opened, i had the complete wrong impression about pat and eoin.

pat is the proverbial lady’s man. and i had the impression that he spent his nights trying to figure out only how to get in girls pants. like i was. except pat was good at it.

i’m not so.

but i figured pat sat around and mac’d on the girls all night while eoin did all of the real work.

later, i found out pat was the brains behind the op. he did the books and what not. and spent the evening making sure the chicks stayed in his bar. because that was good for business.

as well as other benefits.

pat was sober. and watching everything going on. quite a sharp guy actually. most guys just dismissed him as a bartender. pat was thinking.

tracy eventually left spain to go to san francisco and put her marketing degree to work. i’m sure it was a good move. eoin soon followed her. and i’m sure that was a good move as well. for all i know they’re still there

pat and i every now and again discussed the world in between shots of jaegermeister. as long as micky george wasn’t trying to stab him.

one night we sat discussing the peace movement in ulster.

pat’s personal experience in all things irish is where i draw a lot of my opinions about the emerald isle from.

we were talking about the disarmament the IRA had gone through in the peace efforts. and the subsequent lack of doing anything in return the british reciprocated with.

sneaky british bastards.

they can’t cook. they can’t make cars (except for rolls), and they can’t brush their teeth. but the brits are the world class of diplomats. and we sat discussing, along with another irish gentleman, and a couple of other american servicemen, just how exactly the british had bent sinn fein, pretty much all wings of the IRA, and all irish everywhere over the proverbial table and given them the high hard one.

see, the brits had gotten what they wanted. they negotiated a cease fire with the irish, and then trumpeted the cease fire to all the world.

then they did shit. they just sat there and dared the irish to break the cease fire and appear an ass to all of the world.

sneaky bastards. the american state department? maybe we could do something that sneaky. i hope so. the russians? you betcha. not as good as the brits, but they’re pretty good. the french? it’s pretty plain how the french determine their foreign policy, by check.

but the irish were had. and still are.

so now to the title of my post.

the israelis have forcibly extracted their population from the gaza strip. first they had to withdraw from sinai to achieve peace with the egyptians. and they had to withdraw population from sinai too. then they left lebanon.

now for the third time, israel is withdrawing from territory that was hard won in battle.

anyone else have the feeling they’re up to something? i’d like to ask pat.

i have the very sneaking suspicion that the whole withdraw from gaza is just to show the world that it will solve nothing. i don’t believe the palestinians will do any of the things they agreed to. they will cite future withdrawls by israelis as conditions.

never mind they have already stated their conditions and the israelis have met them.

israel will watch the palestinian territory of gaza become a haven for insurgent attacks into israel proper. and they will highlight non-compliance on the palestinian side to agreed peace conditions to the u.n..

then they’ll kick that palestinian ass all over the desert once again.

mark my words.

the israelis will be back in gaza within a decade.

probably sooner.


  1. Eoin and Tracey are both in Cali… At some point their on again off again relationship bit the dust… she recently married… I’m not sure what he’s up to. I figure I probably know you somehow… I was the guy behind the bar playing music from 93-96.

    Comment by Texas Brian — March 1, 2009 @ 4:11 pm

  2. Did my share of drinking in O’Grady’s, too, back when I was in the Navy and stationed in Rota. Pat and I often locked horns over politics. I wonder if he’s still there? He was a good man. Mickey George is a Senior Chief now.

    Comment by Cremin — June 7, 2009 @ 1:11 pm

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