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August 15, 2005

Meet the Family 4

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Grand Dad Blocklinger

my grand-dad sporting navy blues. i have no idea if this is before or after pearl harbor.

yeah, my grand-dad and his brother, my great uncle are both pearl harbor veterans.

my great uncle, who i was named after (james) was aboard the uss oglala. heavy mine sweeper. docked where else but beside the arizona.

2nd ship sunk.

on the 40th anniversary of the attack, he described the day to me and my father. he said that the first wave were torpedo planes. a torpedo went underneath the oglala and hit the arizona. but the oglala was sooooo old that it sunk when the torpedo hit the arizona.

after zero’s expended their torpedo, they hung around the harbor and machine gunned any military personnel happening to be about. until they ran out of gas or bullets.

my uncle hid in a machine shop because it was cement and offered protection against the marauding zero’s.

second wave were bomb laden. so when he started hearing the explosions, he realized the cement machine shop was then a death trap. one nice bomb and he would be buried alive, so he had to venture back outside.

same thing. aftre dropping their bombs, the zero’s would attack people on the ground. so he started running down the pier and met a friend from his ship.

they picked up machine guns off of dead marines and went to the beach.

they spent the rest of the day hiding in the grass waiting for the invasion…..

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  1. Mlah, God hold your folks in the palm of his hand. And I thank them- and you- for your service and theirs. And thanks for telling their story.

    Comment by og — August 17, 2005 @ 5:26 am

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