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August 13, 2005

Inner Tubing

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i’m off to the guadelupe!

we’re going inner tubing down the river for andrew and yasmine’s birthday’s.

i might get some pics.


so, myself, andrew, joel, pablo, tony, michelle, dylan, and yasmine went to new braunfels, found the ‘rockin r’ and rented some tubes. they hauled us up the guadalupe around a mile or so and we floated down the river.

it’s pretty nice just floating around and drinking beer. there were thousands of people floating down the river. mostly college students. all drinking beer.

we had a few rapids we had to traverse. they were pretty tame rapids by whitwater terms, but we were only in inner tubes after all.

bad thing is, you keep hitting your butt on underwater rocks…. and branches. they kind of poke you at inopportune times.

well, when is it ever an opportune time to be poked in the butt? easy moonbatty.

it was a good time. i invite all of you to a weekend at casa mlah, and a trip up to the guadalupe.

locally, we had such a good time, we’re looking at tubing on the comal next.

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  1. yeah I’ve done that it’s a good time….

    Comment by CT — August 26, 2005 @ 8:12 pm

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