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August 7, 2005


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so i broke down and upgraded my phone.

nothing wrong with the old motorola v60. when i bought that, it was state of the art. now, it’s just a plain old phone.

so i bought a new motorola razr v3.

super slim, plays stereo and videos. takes picstures. has a speaker phone. sends email and text messages.

got for 150 smacks at sams club with cingular.

so i was looking at it today and it brought a memory back.

i had to go way back…….. waaaaaaaay back.

all the way to the 6th grade in thoreau, new mexico. we had this little fad amongst the cool kids. we got cardboard, a rubber band, and a paper clip and made star trek communicators.

yeah we were geeks. all the guys had one. and we’d pretend to be using them when we were standing around 10 yards apart. acted like we were talking around.

then a couple of girls made them. and they even drew all the star trek shit on them. they were the cool chicks. patricia holcomb and eileen chavez if memory serves.

there was a veritable black market in little communicators.

our teacher, who was a real cock didn’t like them. but he knew good and damn well, that as soon as he said we couldn’t have them, every single student in the 6th grade would. both classes. so he bit his tongue and bid his time.

he did try to ridicule us once though.

there was this little navajo guy in our class (our class was 2/3 navajo) named lallo yazzie.

lallo had actually started the little fad. all the rest of us were just trying to make cooler communicators.

lallo had the original communicator.

our cock teacher pointed this out and tried to make us feel bad by saying we were like lallo bacause we all had communicators. that had to be one of the high points in school for lallo. he was never really popular, and he was normally breaking something. he was a little overweight so the girls didn’t care for him.

but for two weeks in the sixth grade, lallo was king.

today i took a good look at my new razr cell phone. and i realized that the signal even bounces off of satelites in orbit!

Motorola Razr

somewhere, there’s a navajo guy named lallo yazzie who has one. i’d bet big money. and his friends just don’t realize,

he was the first kid on the block with a cell phone!


  1. Did you get the black one? I want that phone sooo bad, but I’m not willing to give up my verizon service. I can’t wait until 10 years from now, and all the cell phone carriers are the same because they’ll have finally covered the whole country so there aren’t any dead spots anymore. Then I can get whatever phone I want. Woo.

    Comment by medium john — August 8, 2005 @ 6:05 pm

  2. You crack me up!! 🙂

    Comment by Blondie — August 15, 2005 @ 10:10 pm

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