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August 3, 2005

Amazing Race 2

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so i’ve been watching all of the reruns of the amazing race on the game show networl. i didn’t start watching until race 4, and i only caught a few of the episodes. so it’s been nice to watch the first couple and see the evolution taking place.

i’ve got my dvr set to record the races. digital satelite is cool like that.

so the thing is, i have other shows set to record as well. i have it set to record the amazing race from 8-9 nightly. the gsn is showing it nioghtly.

tonight i have it also set to record tripping the rift at 9:30.

do you see the problem coming?

tonight is the culimnation of race 2. i didn’t know. there should ahve been 2 legs left. 2 episodes.

there were.

gsn ran them both tonight back to back. and the dvr was cool and kept recording the second episode for me. it just figured the show was one show.

but it had a problem at 9:30.

it had to record 2 shows at once. maybe some dvrs/tivos will do that, but mine doesn’t. so at 9:30 it switched.

at around 9:45, i got home from tkd. i started the show. blake and paige, who i want to win, finished first. will and tara, and i wanted will eliminated asap (sorry tara) finsihed second.

and then it just continued into the final leg.

and i thought ‘cool, it actually recorded it for me!’

yeah, it recorded the first half!

fortuneately, they are rerunning it right now. so i have to watch the first hour and a half over.

sometimes shit happens.

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  1. You mean your dvr didn’t warn you that there was a conflict? That’s weird, my dvr always keeps track and tells me when there are conflicting recordings. My computer is cool like that.

    Comment by medium john — August 4, 2005 @ 9:17 am

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