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August 29, 2005

Disaster Relief

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now that katrina has wrought her carnage on the gulf coast, how many nations are going to offer us some disaster relief?

you remember? the same nations who crowed so loudly about our stinginess during the tsunami aftermath?

where are the french to offer us a helping hand? they speak french after all by our good graces. see how they pay us back.

nada. nilch. zero.

i’ll be shocked if anyone helps at all.

August 28, 2005


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one of my two nieces is named katrina. everyone calls her katy.

i like to call her katrina, because i think it sounds cooler than katy. there are loads of katy’s running around.

katrina is kind of not a name you hear everyday.

katrina doesn’t like me calling her katrina. she much prefers katy.

seems that katrina is her ‘getting in trouble’ name

August 22, 2005

Baksheesh, Bote’, and other Gratuities

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Bunny MacIntosh

bunny macintosh at meltingdolls has a very straightforward wit. it’s why i read her site.

she’s recently taken a job as a diner waitress. i don’t think it’s a permanent position. she just posted a story about some recent trials and tribualtions on dealing with constrcution workers and frat boys.

she deals with them well.

she also talks about the age old problem for the wait staff.


August 21, 2005

Gaza Strip

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The Gaza Strip

a long long time ago, on a continent way far away, i sat o’grady’s irish pub in rota, spain.

this is kind of a long post for such a short point.

August 18, 2005


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i just made myself a salad.

August 17, 2005


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i installed a webcam on my computer for y’alls amusement.

the link is over on the right.

August 15, 2005

Meet the Family 4

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Grand Dad Blocklinger

my grand-dad sporting navy blues. i have no idea if this is before or after pearl harbor.

August 13, 2005

Inner Tubing

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i’m off to the guadelupe!

we’re going inner tubing down the river for andrew and yasmine’s birthday’s.

i might get some pics.

August 11, 2005

Mail Order Brides

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Russian Mail Order Bride

those of you who actually know me, know that i don’t have a girlfriend (right now). some of you kid me about mailing off to russia for a girl. some of you i kid about mailing off to russia for a blonde.

some of you are appalled at the’s always been a bit of a joke to me.

i mean, don’t y’all get spam too? or am i the only target of mailorder brides?

i heard a bud light commercial on the radio the other day, y’all know the series. the real men of genius series. there’s a really funny one about ‘mr spf 80 sunblock wearer’. they say that just in case the sun fails to go down, you’ll be prepared. and then that ‘your personal force field keeps out all of the suns rays, and any ambient rays…. from other suns….. in other galaxies.’

August 8, 2005

College Football and Racsism

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FSU Seminoles

so did you hear about this crap?

the ncaa decided to do a little study about racism in sports mascots after they studied whether or not to allow sporting events in states that allow the confederate flag.

confederate flag issue aside.

is there anyone besides the u of cal santa cruz banana slugs that don’t have to worry?

August 7, 2005


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so i broke down and upgraded my phone.

nothing wrong with the old motorola v60. when i bought that, it was state of the art. now, it’s just a plain old phone.

so i bought a new motorola razr v3.

super slim, plays stereo and videos. takes picstures. has a speaker phone. sends email and text messages.

got for 150 smacks at sams club with cingular.

August 3, 2005

Amazing Race 2

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so i’ve been watching all of the reruns of the amazing race on the game show networl. i didn’t start watching until race 4, and i only caught a few of the episodes. so it’s been nice to watch the first couple and see the evolution taking place.

August 1, 2005

Star Trek

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ok, i took the star trek quiz. i saw it at redsugar and venomous kate.


i’d have been pissed if it made me wesley crusher!

Take the Star Trek Quiz

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