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July 21, 2005

Amazing Race 8

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i’ve had a little trouble connecting to my server which has kept me from posting the pics i want. i have a choice little pic i want to share and it will be up shortly.

i’ve been watching the rerun of the amazing race 1 on the game show network. they’re rebroadcasting every night at 8 central all 7 races. they just got narrowed down on amazing race 1 to the final three teams. so there are only 1 or two more legs and then they’ll start the second one.

i’m enjoying it, i saw one or two episodes of race 4, most of race 5. and pretty much all of races 6&7. i’m going to watch them all through the miracle of dish networks personal recorder.

which brings us to the upcoming amazing race 8.

the amazing race 8 is rumored to be a special family edition of the amazing race. i’ve read a couple of opinions that didn’t particularly care for the idea.

usually the teams consist of two people, not necesarily related, but there are quite a few married couples. lots of engaged couples. but i’ve seen fraternity brothers, brothers, twin sisters. gay life partners, and just plain friends compete as teams.

those aren’t the rules for AR8. 4 person teams. originally they were supposed to have limited the ages to 12 and up. but for some reason they dropped the age requirement to 8.

so they’re going to have 8 year old kids running throufgh open air markets in india and morocco?

people were guessing, and i had to agree that they might dumb down the race a little. that they might throw a cream pie up for the youngsters. that’s nice. but what is that doing for me? i expect to be entertained. i want to see some heated competition as they are diving off of a reef in thighland looking for a clue.

i’m just a little suspicious about the next race.

of course i am going to have to watch it. some of it at least.

today i googled the amazing race 8. looking for news. i’ve been watching the cbs homesite looking for airing dates so i wouldn’t miss it. and lo! i found real news.

the AR8 is happening right NOW!

seems they have dumbed it down a bit and are apparently keeping the racers here in north america. i guess cbs just doesn’t like the idea of a lawsuit resulting from a kid snatching.

the AR8 apparently started on july 7 and has been going on since then. started in nyc. they reportedly had to re-enact washington crossing the delaware as a detour. someone got stuck on a bridge and they had to stop traffic to get them back on their way. a local news copter broadcast the news out and people hurried down to watch. there were supposedly 10 teams left at that time.

someone in toronto reported having seen an amazing race box full of envelopes at some local hotspot.

i’ll keep y’all posted on anything i hear.

and i’ll get those pics up.


  1. Argh, dammit, that’s one of the only reality shows I watch. It’s gonna suck if it’s only in America.

    Comment by medium john — July 21, 2005 @ 10:48 pm

  2. yeah that show is awesome, especially last season with AMBER!!! she is so fucking mint!!!!

    Comment by CT — July 22, 2005 @ 3:23 am

  3. did you see emily on season 1?

    Comment by mlah — July 22, 2005 @ 7:28 am

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