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June 23, 2005


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i’ve safely gotten ‘tyler’ back onto the plane for his homeward journey.

little nicky did well and smoked his first opponent. i like to refer to his second opponent as homey the clown though. he was a little bitty guy who had no torso. he was like a head on top of a pair of legs. and mind you, the torso is the scoring area.

little nicky lost his second round bout. and should not have, he was clearly the better of the two.

i hope ‘homey’ comes again next year and little nicky gets back in the ring with him. am i whining about a rematch? not really. the two are 11. the scoring area is the torso only. next year, they get to score by kicking head.

and homey had this huge melon just floating around on top of his legs. and did i mention he was itty bitty? that puts his head right at kicking level.

i seriously suspect this is the last tournament homey competes in. his melon will start getting punted as soon as he turns 12.

speaking of ‘kicking the baby’ southpark style, i have seen a huge number of injuries so far. really they’ve just been minor little bloody noses and the like. nothing serious long term, but it is just demonstrating that the kids (the younger kids have been competing thus far) have not been protecting their heads.


nicky was hurt by his loss, but undamaged.

me, i celebrated nightfall last night. and almost the dawn. i haven’t eaten in an ihop in years.

tomorrow, i’ll be getting black belt footage. the teenagers will finally be sparring. it’s like watching the fly wieghts in boxing. lots of action, and don’t blink.

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